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Can't tell if it's a bug or I'm dumb ... [spoilers]



... Need a little help here.


Doing Eureka! for the NCR. I got briefed by Oliver, and now we know the Legion is attacking the Hoover Dam and he sends me off to go wipe out a camp. So far, so good.


I go down one level (stairs are opposite his office), clear out a bunch of traps, kill an "NCR Ranger" that's setting proximity mines and attacks me. But when I try to go one more level down, I get shoved into first person and stuck in place right at the bottom of the stairs.


I tried reloading and going back a bit; sometimes I see 2 rangers down there (I assume more fake ones) sometimes not (maybe Boone and Rex killed them already, I dunno, really dark down there), but when I hit the bottom of the stairs I can't move, use pipboy, change to 3rd person or anything. I can just look around.


Am I supposed to be going somewhere else? I couldn't figure out any other exit from Oliver's compound but to keep going down stairs.

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Perhaps this helps:


No, it cuts out after talking to Oliver with a load screen. My problem is I dunno what to do right after Oliver, if I keep going downstairs (only way to exit) I get stuck frozen on the second staircase =/


Appreciate the answer though.


EDIT: Unless it's supposed to load me somewhere else after the general is done talking to me, because it isn't. 

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