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First time following the STEP guide --> LOOT order vs general rules





First I would like to thanks the STEP community for its simple existance :)

I find it useful to read post from all of you in order to create a strong / stable Skyrim modded configuration.


Second, I would like to ask a question regarding the STEP installation guide. (Sorry for my bad/not accurate English... it's not my native language)


I am following the STEP guide in order to create an extended install.

After having complete the Fixes part of the installation, I am encountering the first problem:


As a general rule the guide states :

  • Mods should be installed in the order that they are listed to ensure that mods further down the list overwrite those occurring before them. This is necessary to ensure the desired in-game effect. Mods are otherwise listed in alphabetical order within each section, and any deviations from this are purposeful to achieve the desired outcome.

I understand that the left part of MO shall list the MODs in the perfect order of the Fixes installation list:



Another rule states that I need to run LOOT in order to order the plugin list :

At any time during the mod installation process LOOT should be used to sort plugin load order before stopping to benchmark and test Skyrim. This is necessary to ensure proper plugin priority order (load order), which can have a dramatic impact on the game (or at worst cause a CTD).

According to this rule, I have launch LOOT just before switching to the "Interface" Mod installation:



I find the result a little weird:

1 - I have an error raised by MO:



2 - I find that the SkyUI must be load after the "Trade and Barter" esp if I want it to appear in the MCM.



According to this result, I am a little dissappointed by the LOOT plugin order calculation... I would like to have a feedback from one of you guys... Just to be sure that I am not doing things wrong.

What shall I do in order to get rid of these error an make LOOT ordering the plugins properly ?


Thanks in advance :)

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If you installed everything in the same order as in the STEP guide, you can ignore this warning. Keep the mods in the left pane in order shown in the guide and let LOOT sort the mods in the right pane.


If I remember correctly, the issue here is that Clothing and Clutter Fixes and Weapon and Armor Fixes Remade use scripts with the same name and Mod Organizer assumes you should use the scripts from Clothing and Clutter Fixes. This isn't an issue in this case so just ignore the warning.


If you applied all the LOOT rules in section 2.0 and don't have any extraneous custom rules in LOOT, LOOT should sort everything correctly. I just double checked and I have SkyUI at priority 24 and Trade and Barter at priority 66 and Trade and Barter is working fine.

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The STEP guide also recommends disabling that feature in MO:


'Go to the Plugins tab and click Basic diagnosis plugin on the left and double-click true next to check_modorder and change it to false'


which is likely why the guide doesn't mention this.

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This can be a useful feature if you are adding mods on to top of STEP Core or Extended, but you'll have to work out the proper order of the mods you add in the left pane based on the conflicting assets you want used in the game.

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Yep, that is the STEP guide. Install everything for an Extended install (besides a few mods it tells you not to), and only install the mods with a green vertical bar on the left for a Core install.


And yeah, 200 sounds about right. Although a lot of those are just textures, so I bet the plug in count is quite a bit less. Maybe 120?

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