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Dirty edits not covered in the guide



I went back through my build and started cleaning each file, even though the guide didn't mention some of these mods as being dirty. With my other games (Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3) I cleaned every mod except those whose authors specifically said to NOT clean. I was told here (in another thread) to do the same, and I did, but I still wonder if I did the right thing with some of these mods (like the YUP patch).


Here are most of the ones that had dirty edits, some of them may not be in the F&LNV guide because I added a couple of mods myself. Should I have NOT cleaned any of these mods? My main concerns are stuff like the YUP patch, NWInteriors, ELECTRO city, etc.



YUP base game + all dlc.esm

Interior lighting overhaul - core.esm


NWInteriors combo edition

ELECTRO cit higheways and biways.esm


* Vault HQ1.esm

The New Bison Steve Hotel.esm

NWI a room with a view.esm

nevada skies.esm

YUP NPC fixes base game + all dlc.esp

project nevada - all dlc.esp

cut content merged.esp


ADAM trooper gloves.esp

EVE - FNV - All DLC.esp


alternative start.esp

EMR stealthsuit mkii.esp

OWB path lights.esp

* MTB.esp

ADAM complete.esp


laurens bathroom poetry.esp


better burned man.esp

advanced recon merged.esp


nevadaskies ultimate dlc edition.esp



I am asking around in some of the mod authors pages on nexus but some of these mods are 5 years old and theres not much help going around.

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