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  1. The issue I was having with the pipboy becoming un-clickable is apparently a known problem. There was a fix for it for Windows 8 but not for Windows 10 I guess. I read that YUP was supposed to fix it and if so then that fix is not working for me. It happens when mousing over the pipboy map then closing the pipboy, you become bugged and cannot click on some of the menu buttons. In order to fix it (in game) you can just mouse over the map again then switch from "data" to Item or stats and its back to normal. The other problems (at least most of them) seemed to be caused by running the game as admin and having more than 135 esp's (I had 137, even though over 20 of them were disabled through the bashed patch). Regardless, my game is running good now and I appreciate all the help from the STEP team here. Thanks again.
  2. I turned off "run as admin" on everything and some of the strangeness/freezing has stopped. It's actually running alright now (knock on wood), at the very least its playable. It's hard to remember all the little details since I got a new computer and have spent the last 3 weeks or so installing and modding all the Bethesda games, my Skyrim game (with the mod manager folder) is nearly 70 gigs. For Fallout 3 I believe I have to run FOSE in admin to get it to work with Steam (if I recall correctly) and I just figured it wouldn't hurt to do the same for NV, you know? It's odd how different/quirky the game engines can be.
  3. I am not going to keep asking around and bugging people but I wanted to check at least one more time before I throw in the towel and go back to playing Fallout 4. I have cleaned my esp's thoroughly, sorted my load order correctly (as far as I know), followed the F&LNV guide as closely as possible, and double/triple checked everything. I have been experiencing unexplained strangeness that I cannot pinpoint as being caused by any one particular mod. After playing a while, for example, the sun rays disappear from the sun, sometimes the menu on my pipboy partially locks up becoming unclickable (as well as the main (esc) menu) leaving me with no choice but to use task manager to close the game. When the action gets intense and too many bullets are fired too quickly little things start to happen like the sound for bullets going in and out, long lag/wait times when opening menus or trying to save the game, etc. It's almost as if the game engine itself is not responding correctly or its somehow messing up my PC. Even when I try to use task manager during these times my whole computer locks up making me have to do a hard power down by holding the power button for 5 seconds then reboot. I am not using ENBoost or an ENB since the stutter is annoying. I am running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (Intel 6th gen @ 4.1 ghz, Nvidia 980M with 8GB VRAM, 32 GB RAM). I just want to ask if there are any "little" things I may be missing? Like for example, I am running NVSE, FalloutNV.exe, and the 4GB Enabler exe all as administrator, although I don't think anyone told me to do so. Are there any compatibility settings or tips that I may have missed? Could this be caused by the game running out of memory? Should I go back to using the ENBoost (since the guide recommends it) and just live with the stuttering?
  4. I didn't really look too closely at this load order because I just figured LOOT would do its job but I was asking some questions on the Nevada Skies page and someone said my load order looked borked... then I looked at it and there are esp's mixed in with esm's and it seems like stuff is all over the place. Could someone maybe just glance over this and let me know what you think? I think I have about 137 plugins but the bashed patch deactivates around 20 of them. There are about 115(ish) active plugins. Does BOSS work with MO for NV? I know for Skyrim I couldn't even get BOSS to work with MO.
  5. I'll keep testing it for now. I was worried it may be the readius mod also and I didn't try the console while the error was occurring but I will if it happens again. I went through and cleaned ALL of my esp's and found quite a few dirty ones that the F&LNV guide did not mention. In the end I hope I did the right thing and didn't mess my game up worse by cleaning those mods. The ones like the YUP patch and Interior Lighting mods are the ones that scare me, keep wondering if some of those edits were meant to stay there but I check the authors pages and none of them mentioned cleaning (for better or worse). The main two issues that concern me are the pipboy and main (ESC) menu becoming "partially" none-clickable and the clouds not loading when I zone outside (or loading slowly after 2-3 minutes, they just pop in suddenly). I noticed that if I open the console during the alternative start then leave the shack without restarting the game it will usually not give me a flash light head thingy but when I do not open the console and leave the shack it does (usually). It just seems like all the messages that pop up at the beginning of the game for various mods never seem to follow the same order and sometimes things that are supposed to go into inventory (like the flashlight) get left out depending on which mods load or pop up first. The menu thing didn't start happening until I headed toward Vegas, around the area with the deathclaws it got real bad. Its pretty damn strange, tbh. But like someone above said, it may be me tinkering with stuff (like the console) that is messing things up so I'll keep testing for now.
  6. You are right, I keep thinking LOOT is actually checking these things when I run it... I figured those little green words were bashed tags and there wasn't any for this esm.
  7. Firstly, I am not trying to troll with all these questions and they should stop soon. Secondly, I am going over everything with a fine tooth comb to figure out some odd behavior I have been having in my game and I noticed on the ILO page it recommends giving the main esm two bashed tags that the F&LNV guide does not mention. "Wrye Bash users: If you are using a Bashed Patch use the import cells option and select "Interior Lighting Overhaul - Core.esm". Interior Lighting Overhaul - Core.esm should have these bash tags: {{BASH:C.Climate,C.Light}}" https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/35794/? Should I go ahead and add these tags?
  8. I went back through my build and started cleaning each file, even though the guide didn't mention some of these mods as being dirty. With my other games (Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3) I cleaned every mod except those whose authors specifically said to NOT clean. I was told here (in another thread) to do the same, and I did, but I still wonder if I did the right thing with some of these mods (like the YUP patch). Here are most of the ones that had dirty edits, some of them may not be in the F&LNV guide because I added a couple of mods myself. Should I have NOT cleaned any of these mods? My main concerns are stuff like the YUP patch, NWInteriors, ELECTRO city, etc. I am asking around in some of the mod authors pages on nexus but some of these mods are 5 years old and theres not much help going around.
  9. There was so much data collected with BOSS and LOOT is supposed to be the new version of BOSS, yet I have had issues with LOOT so much I would much rather go back to BOSS... especially since BOSS covers many of the mods that people would want, since they are older mods. You would think that the BOSS team could have integrated some/more of that collected mod data into LOOT.
  10. Ugh, I should have known thats how LOOT works... So should I go back and clean ALL of my esp's, even the ones the F&LNV guide did not mention to clean? I know there are a few that say specifically NOT to clean.
  11. I was going back to change the "populated casino" mod to the medium version and had to redo the "one last merge" step. I installed all of the prerequisite mods and went down the list of esp's one by one to check for ITM's/UDR's. I noticed that several of the esp's that comprise the "Gameplay Mods Merged.esp" are dirty. Some of the dirty esp's (I did not clean them btw, since the guide did not tell me to) are not reported to be dirty in the F&LNV guide and the only esp that LOOT reported dirty was the populatedcasinos.esp. So, does LOOT make mistakes or overlook dirty esp's? And... is there a reason that the other dirty esp's are overlooked in the F&LNV guide (perhaps they need to be there)? Also, after following the F&LNV guide closely and only cleaning the mods I was told to then generating the Gameplay Mods Merged.esp, adding the bashed tags etc, I found that there are 15 ITM in the merged esp. Should I clean the merged esp, or go back and clean each of the individual/constituent esp's THEN make a new merge? Sorry for bringing this up but I am experiencing some strangeness in game and trying to troubleshoot. Any insight into this is greatly appreciated.
  12. I don't mind crashing as much as odd/sporadic bugs. I dropped ENBoost and the ENB since the game looks good without it and the stutter was annoying. When I was experiencing the UI issue the Steam overlay was disabled (and still is). The first thing I did when I got Windows 10 was gut it, taking out every last non-essential app I could find (including the Xbox app). Even got rid of the Windows Store app. From what I have seen of the game so far I love the plot and story-line, Vegas looks cool also. In that sense the game is great. The strangeness I was having almost seemed as if NVSE stopped working correctly after playing the game for a while. Either that or the game wasn't loading the esp's correctly. To be honest I was worried it might be my PC overheating so I am monitoring that now when I play, but without the ENB the game doesn't tax my GPU very much at all so I don't think its overheating. Also when I installed all my games they went onto D drive since my C drive is solid state and I don't want to weather it by the constant zipping and unzipping that comes from modding. I haven't experienced anything like this with my other games (Obivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, etc). Other than using the pipboy readius and the vault player house mod I have followed the F&LNV guide exactly. It could be the readius mod but it doesn't just happen when I use the pipboy, it also happens when I hit escape to open the main menu or exit the game. I'll keep testing... It might be something I am doing, I know there are a few errors that occur in Oblivion when you open the console (mainly with better cities) so maybe me opening the console is causing issues. When I am testing out a build I am terrible for using the console, heh.
  13. I don't mean to sound negative but I have been experiencing strange issues in game... it seems as if the game doesn't always load everything the same way, if I didn't know better. Random issues like, certain doors being locked during one new game start that aren't locked in other games, UI freezing where I can click on the pipboy's left buttons (data, items, etc) but the rest of the UI is not clickable, not even the exit game buttons. I started reading the wiki and some other articles about Fallout NV and the bug list is extensive to say the least. On top of that I was told that as you approach the 140 esp limit all sorts of strangeness starts to happen. I followed the F&LNV guide almost to the letter and the game has never crashed one time, it seems very stable and runs at 60 fps constantly, except for the ridiculous slowdown due to the overpopulated casino's (may want to rethink keeping that mod in your guide). The bashed patch reduced the number of active plugins by over 20, bringing it down to around 115 but I am not certain that is the issue. Honestly I have no clue what could be causing some of the strangeness. I just want to ask if this is normal for NV?
  14. Oh ok, I am at 136 esp's with my bashed patch... maybe that was what was causing the errors I am having. I'll test it out, thanks. Edit: What about the orange esp's? Can I leave them unchecked also?
  15. I think I am nearly done modding NV (with the exception of a strange missing texture error I am trying to figure out) but I have one question about the bashed patch, you probably SHOULD leave the merge-able esp's unchecked but do I have to? It's alright to turn on all the deactivated esp's after making the patch, correct? I am asking because that is what I have always done and I am trying to make sure its not causing my missing texture problem.
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