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SR:LE DynDOLOD load order...issue?

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I'm in the home stretch on finishing my install of everything in the guide, but I'm running in to an issue I'm just utterly unsure about. Not even sure it's an issue. I'm entirely new to modding Skyrim up until this guide.


I'm at the point where I should be running the DynDOLOD Worlds script in TES5Edit, but encountered a popup warning not mentioned in the instructions. It warns about DynDOLOD.esp not being last in load order. My load order looks like this:






Something tells me that RSPatch shouldn't be where it is? I've found little in searching that helps me with this. I'm not sure WHY it's there, except maybe having made the edit in LOOT of setting Global Priority to 992100? DynDOLOD has a Global Priority of 992000. From what I can tell, these are forcing them in to the order they are in. All-in-all there are things making me question on both sides whether I have it right or wrong.


Any help is appreciated. Also if anything else SHOULD be below DynDOLOD that isn't?

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