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  1. In the guide, when talking about converting non-SE mods to SE, it says: When Converting mods through the Creation Kit some will have masters that are esps but the Creation Kit requires these to be esms or flagged as esms. How am I supposed to know if I need to do this step or not? As far as I can tell, the guide doesn't specify which need to be converted from esps to esms.
  2. When Cleaning the Bethesda ESMs per the Prerequisites guide, when I have selected the ESM to clean (for example, Update.esm) and right-click on that .esm to Apply Filter for Cleaning, I have two options: Apply Filter for Cleaning (all) Apply Filter for Cleaning (selected). Which should I chose? Does it matter? If it does matter, I chose (selected). If that's not right, any suggestions on how I fix it? Can I just restore the backups and run the process again, selecting (all) this time?
  3. I just started the install of this modpack yesterday. I ran into a problem with LOOT. I installed it via the installer and ran it. When I went into setting to add groups, I only have a group called "default". I don't have all of those groups that the image has. Skyrim SE was detected, and it's showing as the active program. Any idea what went wrong?
  4. Yeah. This is damn exciting. I'm really hoping for a SR:LE 64. SR:LE works okay for me, but more performance would be better. From what I've read, the 64-bit version is way more stable. I also stopped playing a while back. The game is mostly very stable, but it still crashes occasionally, and the performance on triple-screens could be better.
  5. I did the following steps to fix it in case anybody else runs into this problem: 1. Unequip shield 2. Disable Dual Sheath Redux (and patches) 3. Load game 4. Save and exit. 5. Enable DSR (and patches) 6. Run Loot 7. Run SkyProc Patcher 8. Run Skyrim. I could not find any fixes through XP32, but this worked. I suspect that disabling DSR and re-enabling it just removed it from the skeleton's back (even though the skeleton was screwed up). Maybe, somehow, the skeleton duplicated to back node and the shield got stuck on the duplicate node (or something). Thanks for your help Neo.
  6. Do you think this would work? 1. Disable DSR (and patches) 2. Load game 3. Save and exit. 4. Enable DSR (and patches) 5. Run SkyProc Patcher 6. Run Skyrim. Or would that cause additional problems?
  7. Ok. Thanks! I asked about which mod because I thought I'd ask the mod author if they had any ideas. LOL.
  8. Strangely, I died yesterday. When the game restarted (I let it, instead of starting over), the shield was attached to my shin. I intentionally died again. It was attached to my left shin again, but about 3 feet left of my character and partly in the ground. When I ran, it moved back and forth like it was part of my leg.
  9. Yeah. That seems to be very similar behavior to what I'm experiencing. I'll have to check that the next time it happens. Does anybody have any suggestions on which mods might be causing my being unable to equip my shield? After deleting favorite hotkeys and setting them up again, I can use my bow again. The shield is still not working though.
  10. Never worked that way for me before. I should clarify that it used to work. All of my other hotkeys work 1-8 (except 3).
  11. I've been playing my install on and off since mid-February. I just recently started running into problems. They may be related, but maybe not. 1) I can no longer harvest while riding (still using Convenient Horses as I did the install based on the guide at that time). I tried changing the hotkey and unbinding it. I even tried StopQuest CH, then StartQuest CH. 2) I set my bow as #3 on my favorites. It no longer works when I hit 3. 3) I ran into a problem where I could not equip my shield. The hotkey for it doesn't work, nor does manually equipping it. So I un-favorited it, and gave it to my follower. It still shows on my back. If I bathe, the animation removes all of my characters clothes, but the shield stays. I even tried un-equiping everything, exiting game and coming back. The shield is still showing on my naked back. 4) I've had this problem since I did the install. Don't know if it's related or not. I save my games using the console. Most times that's fine. Once in a while though, when I start to save my game, I type "save <name>". The screen responds very slowly to my keystrokes. If I then exit the console, the game runs super slowly. I have to ~qqq and restart, then it's fine. I'm wondering if there could be something weird going on with my keybindings/hotkeys for various mods. As I said, I don't know if the 4th thing is related or not, and I can live with that. The shield thing, not so much. Anybody have any suggestions on what I could check/try?
  12. NM. Figured it out. Here's what I did in case anybody else wants to do something like this and they come here for help. Open TES5Edit and load only the mod I'm interested in modding, plus any compatibility patches and just to be safe, the conflict resolution patch. Once that's done loading, go to the mod and find the records you want to change. Make note of them. Select the compatibility patch and check for those records. Select the conflict resolution patch and check for those records. Start at the bottom (of the load order list in TES5Edit) with mods to mod. Select the first one that's got a copy of the records you want to modify. Copy the last column into a new mod, and name it what you want. Make changes to that mod. Work your way up the list (conflict resolution, compatibility patches, the main mod) and change all of the records you want to change. Save your work as you go. Save when you're done, and exit TES5Edit. Go to your Mod Organizer/Mods directory and create a directory for your new mod. Copy the new mod file from the Mod Organizer/Overwrite directory into the new mod directory you created above. Place it directly after the last file you edited using TES5Edit. For me, it was after the compatibility patch, as the conflict resolution patch didn't modify any of the items I modified. Do the same with the .esp on the right side of MO. Test. Maybe I missed something. If so, somebody please point it out. This worked for me though.
  13. I'm running a SR:LE install from back in February. I changed a couple of mods (mostly character looks and armor related), but other than that, it's SR:LE. I like just about everything about the gameplay. It's much more challenging, and more immersive. However, I can't stand parts of Complete Alchemy and Cooking. I really like a lot of it, so I don't want to get rid of it. I love the additional components and the new butterflies. The new cooking recipes are great. However, I don't like the way potions work now, and I don't like that very little food restores health. Those two things make the game so much harder that it takes the fun out of it for me. If I get into a dragon fight, I know going in that it's going to take me a lot of tries to beat the dragon, my follower will die, and I'll only beat it if I can game the game somehow (find a place where it's attacks can't hit me and hide there shooting it or something like that). Maybe I'm lousy at the game. Whatever. I don't care if I am or not. It's not fun. Anyway, I've looked at the mod in TES5Edit and I want to tweak it a bit to keep most of the functionality of the Complete Alchemy and Cooking mod, but change what I don't like. My plan is to go through and copy the effect on each of the stock game foods back to their original effects, and do the same on the potions. The new food, I won't touch. This seems like a simple thing that shouldn't break anything, but I wanted to get some input from you people first. I've not created any mods before, so I don't know if what I'm thinking about doing will require me to create a new compatibility patch, or anything like that. Can I just make those tweaks and play? Or is there anything else I need to do to make the tweaks without destroying the game's stability?
  14. Yes. And now that I look up that, I see that it's a problem between that and Book Covers Skyrim. Oh well. At least there's a workaround. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction
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