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I need a new Survival/Realism mod. :(

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Kept getting weird CTDs until I ran into a post on the official Bethesda Mods Forums that pointed a specific realism mod out as a huge culprit of the same CTDs I was getting.


CTDs such as opening containers, looting mobs, going through doors, activating shrines, activating standing stones; pretty much anything to do with interacting with stuff.


The mod in question was


Realistic Needs and Diseases


Since uninstalling the mod, I haven't had any of those CTDs.


Now I'm sad because I'm at a loss for what survival/realism mod to go after. Can't wait for Frostfall to get updated to 2.0. Don't feel like toying around with the beta, though. And anyway, its scope is large but doesn't necessarily cover what I'm wanting.


Does anyone have any suggestions?


I've also tried Nord Needs, but it's a little too basic. Though you can tweak the settings to make it less of an "extra bit of BS to do" compared to stock settings.


I'd prefer one that's updated (or rather, not last updated in March)/not abandoned if possible. :D

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I always used TROs basic needs with chesko frostfall mod version 1. I personally don't like realism mods that get into calorie counting or whatever... not my style. TRO's mod is the only one I have found that has the balls to kill you off if you go without eating which is really nice. Afterall, if you stop eating IRL you do, you know, die.


There is a skyrealism mod that is super detailed and specific for things like food items you might give a try as well.

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All of those mentioned already, but consider IndigoNeko's many realism mods (SkyRealism). These are pretty new, and this guy is a meticulous coder. I have yet to test most of these mods with Tes5Edit or even in game, but I have downloaded and am planning on using them with fingers crossed:

  • SkyRealism - Grass
  • SkyRealism - ENB Evolved
  • SkyRealism - Feast and Famine
  • SkyRealism - Portable Crafting Kits
  • SkyRealism - Mass and Materials
  • SkyRealism - Simple Save System
  • SkyRealism - Time Scale and Travel Speed
  • SkyRealism - Stealth and Sneak Detection Durations
  • SkyRealism - Skills and Statistics
  • SkyRealism - Capacity and Carry Weight
  • SkyRealism - Encumbrance
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