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ENB with graphical options, or ENBoost (ENB with no graphical option, only helps stability)?


Install ENBoost as part of the guide (I think it's in (1C. Extenders), and if you are installing an ENB preset for graphical changes (like Vivian ENB), install it after you have verified the standard STEP installation works. You will need to adjust the enblocal.ini, as well as re-install a couple mods with different options (lighting mods, etc.). Ensure when you re-install the mods you need to for ENB Graphics that you put them back in the same priority number as before in the left pane in MO.


As for the Skyrim Launcher Options...I can't remember that setting, but it makes sense you would click them (I assume to activate the HighResTexturePacks).


Note that the HighResTexturePacks are dummy plug-ins, and they can be un-ticked in the right pane plug-in tab. Make sure they are ticked in the right pane Archive tab, however. They also must be ordered correctly in the left pane. See this for more details.


Only run the Skyrim Launcher at the beginning of the guide, where it mentions it, though (Section 1B). If you run the Skyrim Launcher later (after you adjust .ini settings, it could lose the settings for future profiles).

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