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  1. Hello, I was recently experiencing a problem loading into exterior cells, not sure if its related to yours, but make sure you didn't miss creating the skse.ini file during STEP installation like i did https://wiki.step-project.com/Skyrim_Script_Extender#Recommendations do create the new folder "skse" inside wherever it sends you when you right click SKSE in your mod list and select "Open in Explorer..." (so for me I created the INI in D:\Mod Organizer\mods\skse 1 07 03\skse) also make sure you have file extensions turned on so u dont create skse.ini.txt by mistake good luck
  2. can someone give some advice so the most popular ENB is RealVision right https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/30936/? and they say but for STEP it asked to install the most recent version of ENBSeries 0.292 which apparently isnt supported by RealVision yet so what do i do? will it break the game if i download the older ENBSeries and install those 2 files from it (ive finished the extended installation)
  3. yes you are right!!! this text shows up in the window but if you move your mouse near the options (as i do automatically when clicking through menus) the text dissapears and i managed to miss it every time. thanks! also selecting "no groups" at the bottom as uncollapsed the mod lists, thanks again, dont know how i did that - must have been frantic clicking :)
  4. success! it lets me install the Extended patch. I'll go with "No ELE" cause i want to install an EMB later but whats the problem with the combined plugin now??
  5. i wish i read that before now when i saw that it wanted the Content Addon ' directly under the aMidianBorn Book of Silence mod/s in the left pane of Mod Organizer (Priority Column) + here is an incorrect file path in Book of Silence which needs to be fixed: Notice:if the 4K variant is used these steps can be skipped.After all files are installed, double-click on the Book of Silence - Dragonborn DLC mod i tried to delete the merged file and install them seperately but everything got screwed up. i just mindlessly merged them because i didn't realize that they were supposed to be separate mods, if i see merge i just click merge. i guess you just copy and paste the file name from the Guide and use that as the title? ie "aMidianBorn Book of Silence CREATURES" how do you stop these sub-folders from forming
  6. ah i see, i am probably missing the content add-on for this: https://wiki.step-project.com/AMidianBorn_Book_of_Silence#Recommendations before i can use the Extended install probably because it said I needed the Bashed patch before i can install the content add on, but that comes AFTER the STEP compilation installer and I thought you have to do things in order ill try to fix it
  7. gharr i feel like im trying to build a nuclear reactor here ;) everything has to be perfect i'm at literally the final part of the install.. processing the Dyamic Distant Objects LOD which is taking a long time as was warned... and i realized that I accidentally selected the STEP Core Bashed Patch instead of the STEP Extended Patch (yes so far I was doing the Extended install with all the mods) https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP: I cancelled the Processing of DDOLOD and reverted to a previous backup right before I tired installing the STEP Compilation Installer again and this confirmed that I had not noticed that it wasn't letting me install the Extended version i have installed every single mod without any problems why isn't it letting me select "extended"? will it make any difference? thanks
  8. just of course now the "unmanaged" ESMs are conflicting with the new ones. Not sure if it matters or not
  9. LOL SORRY my mistake after reading everything u guys said again I realized that the guide was referring to the actual directory (IE D:\Skyrim\Data) - where indeed the .esm files dissapear after cleaning - not the "Data" tab in the right hand pane where the .esm file was still displayed, albeit with a greyed out font that I should have recognized as meaning "it used to be there but its gone now" sorry about the confusion :) restored the files and followed the instructions and created the 4 Cleaned mods like is required apparently
  10. again i didnt notice the "overwrite" folder before (i just got it again now after cleaning Update.esm for the second time), since I understood that if Update.esm doesn't dissapear from your "data" tab, you dont have to bother doing anything else In the second case (typically faster drives such as SSDs), a cleaned Update.esm is now in the data directory (compare the filesize to your backup of Update.esm to verify that it has been cleaned--it should be smaller).^i thought everything was fine the Guide does not make it clear that you need to have 4 additional Mods in the LEFT HAND PANE (Cleaned Update.esm, and the 3 Cleaned DLC .esm). It only mentions this later during the instructions for installing the DLCs (etc https://wiki.step-project.com/Dawnguard#Recommendations ), where it suddenly says that Cleaned Dawnguard must follow Cleaned Update. This is contradictory to me because it seems the instructions say that EITHER you lose your .esm file from the Data tab in the RIGHT HAND side and have to mess around adding a "Cleaned Update/Dawnguard/Hearthfire/Dragonborne.esm" to the LEFT HAND PANE, OR you still have the .esm file in the Data tab and you don't have to worry about anything else. i spent literally all night installing only half of the mods and now I'm not sure whether or not to continue, i dont know if my installation is screwed or not. I have "Unmanaged Hearthfires" "Unmanaged Dragonborne" "Unmanaged Dawnguard" in the left hand mod list, no "Update.esm" in the left side either, yet the game still runs fine when i play it for 2 minutes during the benchmarks.
  11. I'm sorry i still don't understand - thanks for the replies guys btw you're supposed to have the Update.esm in the data directory right?? I'm 99% sure I did everything right as well, it was clean at the beginning of the install, it was about 300kb smaller than my backup, only later on did i realize it got "dirty" again :) i only got confused when it started talking about the order that Update.esm should be in the LEFT hand pane, where i never saw that file before Should i just clean it again?
  12. damn i had already gone ahead and just dragged and dropped the files from the overwrite folder back in the left hand panel the 3 DLC .esm's are there but i still dont have the update.esm. But even the default profile doesn't have update.esm So far i have been benchmarking the game (about half way through all the mods) and everything is working fine The only error LOOT gives me is for Update.esm, saying its dirty "Contains 92 ITM records and 3 deleted references. Clean with TES5Edit." i really dont wanna have to start over :/ am i gonna have crashes later on when i actually put some time in, is that the issue? also i didn't really think i had to do this, since it only said this was necessary if Update.esm dissapeared from the "Data" panel, which it never did
  13. Yes thats why i wanna get everything right This is what I mean: I cleaned Update.esm in Step 1B like you said: At this point there are two possible outcomes, dependent upon how fast your disc drive is: In the first case (typically slower drives such as HDDs), the Update.esm is now no longer in the data directory.In the second case (typically faster drives such as SSDs), a cleaned Update.esm is now in the data directory (compare the filesize to your backup of Update.esm to verify that it has been cleaned--it should be smaller). As you can see, Update.esm is in the "data" directory if that's the correct one But in 2D ("Fixes") in the detailed instructions of the DLCs, for Dawnguard it says: https://wiki.step-project.com/Dawnguard This is the Official DLC from Bethesda. It should follow the Cleaned Updated.esm in the left pane modlist. If custom, optimized versions of the textures from Dawnguard are used, they should be placed directly after it. Also, Dawnguard.esm must be cleaned in TES5Edit: as you can see with my ? there's no Update.esm in the Left Pane, so I'm afraid I've screwed something up... the other DLCs arent there either , they are in "overwrite"
  14. ah crap, what now? i can't really go back. Anyway it didn't ask to over-write anything when i ran the installer... also is it true in the "left hand pane" of the mod manager am I supposed to Have a "cleaned update.esm" file because I only have the DLCs and the 3 texture packs .
  15. https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP: The problem is with the second item "Skyrim Script Extender" I download the Installer from the link in the Guide: I install it no problem I read hte "Detailed instructions" https://wiki.step-project.com/Skyrim_Script_Extender#Recommendations With 1. it says me to manually extract 3 files, presumably from the .7z, but both the installer and the .7z ALSO contain two additional items : the folders "Data" and "src", so I'm not sure if those are supposed to be copied with 2. , I do what it says (I presume they refer to the skse_1_07_03.7z file) but when I right click data and select "set data directory" it doesn't give me the "Looks good" I click further and expand the archive and try right clicking the "data" folder (that I would never have installed without the installer!) .. i try right clicking that and it works! but was that really the correct step?
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