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Help with things that I don't know :)



Heya!! =]


I dunno the relevance of this for dialogs/quests/modded game to work properly, however refer to image to see how my current esp order has it sorted.



So... FO3 Unofficial patch "appears" to do some effort into comprising all the entries into itself, however mods that were added later have only cared for their own entry, my bashed patch also has ignored this area.



Whats been bugging/bothering me is: Since the game only uses the last listing, it will be the one from "2C Existence Radio" wich is a 1 liner. Aren't the previous entries also required, or does everything work perfectly even without those?
I could "drag and drop" all the previous entries on top of 2C Existence until it contains all the entries, should I do that or its not needed at all?


Thanks to anyone who helps clarify this to me!

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