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My (not so modern anymore) Modern Morrowind Build Guide

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My Modern Morrowind Build Guide


My guide is hosted over at deadlystream.com which is a star wars modding website specifically for the two classic games Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 (KOTOR) and what I believe to be the best extra content mod ever created for any game because there were no modding tools or creation kit back then. They had to create their own. Almost 10 years in the making! These guys devoted a large portion of their lives into completing a game that was released unfinished. 

"The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod" TSLRCM

and the add-on mod

M4-78 Enhancement Project


Of course my Morrowind guide is incomplete as I have not played the game in a couple of years. I wrote it for a girlfriend who helped me with my Fallout 3 and V installations and who wanted to try modding Morrowind.


I do have a list of new mods that would fit well but they are untested. Everything in my guide has been tested. My game worked flawlessly. You can see what the game will look like by the number of pics that were linked and uploaded. I even include an advanced section for those of you want sweet FX to work with mgeXE.


Of course any recommendations and or corrections are welcome. I do plan on reinstalling the game soon and yes I will be following my guide XDDD







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