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Elder Scrolls online Trailer Released

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What do you guys think?


My (rather negative) opinion/concerns



As an elderscrolls enthusiast for years and a purist of the games, I am finding the idea of an MMO ES game rather appalling.


I am worried that the explorable areas are going to be small, focused around town building and not world building (or "quest areas" whereby the are handcrafted and feel artificial). This will make tamriel feel very tiny and extremely uninteresting. I don't see how it could be any other way without years of development time just spent in world creation. I am also worried that the combat system might be turn based, in the sense that spells and melee attacks have artificial timers limiting the number of things you can do in combat at the same time. I am worried that the multiplayer aspect is going to trump lore. I am nearly positive without playing it that the game lore is going to get **** on quite a bit. I expect a host of inaccuracies and misrepresentations.


I am most worried that ES online is going to create game lore, and that game lore is going to be bad. The elderscrolls has always been a game about letting YOU participate in a world that is separate from YOU and believable. An MMO is going to be about fitting the most players on screen at a time and they will make up whatever circumstance they need to give an excuse to do that. I have always been excited about the idea of an MMO elderscrolls, but seeing just a taste of the reality of it makes me feel somewhat ill. Reserving judgement until I play it, but initial forecast looks very bad.



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Seems to me like its going to be a somewhat standard MMO. Looks promising so if you like that playstyle and are interested in ETS lore it should be great. If not, well, you won't :) Its not gonna be really comparable to the single player version of ETS, so if thats what your expecting your gonna be dissapointed. From the interviews I've read and watched I don't believe its gonna "ruin" established lore, although lore fanatics will probably find fault since they always do.


More exposure for the Elder Scrolls universe is always positive in my mind, so even though I likely won't actually play it I hope it achieves some success!

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It looks pretty run of the mill, just as an MMO. Nothing is said in that video that couldn't be said about any garden variety MMO, and there's no sense in all that commentary that the designers are bringing any new ideas to the table, or have learned from the lessons of recent MMOs (in contrast with, say, TSW or GW2, which had some clear differentiators in concept). AFAICT it's just trying to monetize the IP in a new way, but isn't doing much more than a 'Me Too!' effort, which is disheartening.


I'm not concerned about the lore. I'm mainly concerned that it will crowd out development energy and resource that might otherwise be focused on a next generation of the single player experience.

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I personally hate the whole idea, and I think it will steer future dev away from SP versions ... TES6 will likely be a lame SP with the majority of dev supporting the MP side (just like the FPS game types).


I truly hope that the SP TES experience will prevail though ...

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I dunno. Everything I keep seeing about ESO keeps whittling away at my doubts.


Biggest thing that worries me and that can't be quelled is like others have said, I hope this doesn't adversely affect the single player games.


Also, the biggest reason I play ES games is the modding community. Vanilla is great and all, but after that first playthrough it's time for some modding. That's something which ESO won't be able to accomplish.


Not to say that they couldn't. WoW has rather limited allowance for modifying the UI. I wonder if that's something they're holding back on revealing? I know they said the UI in general is going to be as nonintrusive as possible. Hmm.


Watch and 4 months from now they release some info titled "The Big Reveal: Yeah, you can mod it to a surprising extent." Obviously that's not gonna happen. But if it did... !!!!! lolnah

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