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Skeletons of Daggerfall (by Bozzz123)


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Skeletons of Daggerfall (by Bozzz123)


Mod page description:

Long ago, in the land of Daggerfall, there lived a creature with such a fearsome screech that all who listened were instantly filled with fear. Now, in the land of Skyrim, the creature has returned. It's name: The Skeleton. Wait a minute. Skeletons make wimpy noises, right? Not anymore! Now all skeletons in Skyrim make the high pitched screeches that are straight from the Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Now all Skyrim skeletons make the same noises as the Daggerfall Skeletons.




I know that some of you will probably consider this sort of thing to be cheesy, but I really like it. It's a simple sound file that gives the skeletons in the game an eerier sort of screeching sound (especially atmospheric when dungeon crawling and one comes up behind you). There's an video on the main page to give you a feel for the sound they make.


There's also an optional file on the page that applies the audio change to the Draugr as well, but I personally prefer Enhanced Draugr FX for that.


I suppose it could be argued no lungs, no vocal chords, no sound - but it could also be argued, no muscle fiber, no nerves, no movement. I have no problem with either of those things in a fantasy game.    


[Edited to remove a stray thought that never managed to form into a complete sentence]

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I didn't start the whole Elder Scrolls thing until Morrowind, so I missed out on Daggerfall completely! But apparently, they had some pretty wicked skeletons!


I ran across this mod while browsing through the "Acclaimed mods list" at the Sands of Time website (I don't personally use the Sands of Time mod, but the website is pretty interesting).

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