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Radio Mod



This isn't exactly a STEP question, but since I'm in the presence of experts, I hope it's okay to ask it here.


I am trying to install a Radio New Vegas replacer, the "More Where That Came From" mod, located here:




The files for the Mojave Music Radio replacer are fine, but I'm having trouble with Radio New Vegas replacer.  That one is different than the other one.  It's based on "Extended New Vegas Radio Generator", located here:




The install instructions are, to me, pretty clear and easy to follow, if I was modding the old way (involving tinkering around inside the Data folders myself).  However, STEP is based on using Mod Organizer, part of whose virtue is that it installs mods to separate directories to preserve a more clean install.  Which is very handy, except when a mod seems to require that you get inside the Data folders and monkey about, as this one seems to do.


My question: can I still install this mod as directed, without messing up Mod Organizer's functionality?  Or is there a better install method I should use?


Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

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You can probably follow the instructions for the mod by installing it in MO, then from windows explorer go into your MO folder "...\MO\mods\Extended New Vegas Radio Extender\...". Run the .bat files from there and see if they work.

That didn't work--the .exe file that generates the .esp didn't seem to show up in the directory.  BUT, I did try to put everything necessary in a folder on my desktop and see if the .exe file would run there.  Worked like a charm.  I .zipp ed up the results, loaded the .rar file into Mod Organizer, and loaded it with no problems. 


Thanks for your help, guys!

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Looking a the file structure of the second download, it appears the only issue is the directory structure.

The files are just archived in the top level of the file whereas the first download has them in a specific folder structure: 


Perhaps if you create a folder structure similar to that and run the *.bat on it that way.


What error messages if any where presented to you when you went to install the second download file? Or where did you instruct MO to place them?

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