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Sorting masters causing errors



When I see a mod with an orange checkbox in Wrye Bash, I usually open it in Tes5Edit and use sort masters function. But sometimes this causes errors. 


Thunderchild (Dragonborn.esm before Dawnguard.esm) Before sorting it has one error, after sorting a lot more.

Hearthfire Extended (all official DLCs are switched) Before sorting there aren't any errors. After sorting there are tons of errors, there's even an error message coming up (Assertion failure)


Should I just leave these plugins alone? And is this a problem with Tes5Edit or the plugins?

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Thanks, but in case of Hearthfire Extended it doesn't work. I saved the plugin after sorting, then opened it in xEdit again and received this message:


An error occured while loading modules. Editing is disabled. Check message log and correct the error.


last line in xEdit log: [00:21] Background Loader: Fatal: <EAssertionFailed: Assertion failure (D:\Projects\TES5Edit\wbDefinitionsTES5.pas, line 2197)>

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