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Missing Health bar and Rad Indicator.



Well I'm back on here again with a small issue. I've recently gotten back to playing New Vegas, in anticipation of Fallout 4, and remembered that I have a slight issue with my Health bar and RAD indicator. They aren't visible.


I have had this issue ever since I started using STEP but only remembered it when i started playing again, as it's not a huge issue and i can still play the game without it. All the other icons I use show just not the health bar and RAD indicator. Now the bar for the RAD's does come up when I enter radiated areas but the arrow that shows how much total RADs I have isn't there, I have to go into my Pipboy to actually see how much I have. The health bar doesn't AT ALL outside the pip boy.


I have tried with health always showing in the MCM but still nada. Is there anyway of figuring out whats causing this and fix it? It does show up in very select instances but they are few and far between.

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