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Skyrim Community Armory (By ChilledHobo)


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I'm currently working on a project for Skyrim to merge existing weapon and amour mods to gather in one file and a easy download. I have had success in getting the mods in level list and having people suggest mods, also all mod authors have given permission for me to use their mod. So what do you guys think?





This is a collection of Weapon and Amour mods for Skyrim, that were made by the community of modders. This collection is made for you from many, many, different modders and all have agree to put their mods in this collection for you guys to enjoy! All weapons and amours are in one ESP file (for now) and have been added to the level list (thank you lootifiaction) and even have enchanted versions! Hope you enjoy!


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Nice that it's been done - I'm sure a great many will appreciate it. For me, though... a lot of armor mods out there aren't exactly vanilla-ish, and that's kind of outside the domain of STEP. Without checking the list of mods merged by this, I can't really say more.

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