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Difficulty following the Clear and Present Danger Guide.



The "Clean the Bethesda ESMs" sections calls for this "Close Mod Organizer.

Navigate to Fallout 3 GOTY\Data and move the newly cleaned Bethesda ESM files"


After cleaning all of the Bethesda ESMs except for Fallout3.esm my Fallout 3 goty\Data folder now does not contain these cleaned ESMs and it seems the only .esm left remaining is the one which I did not clean (Fallout3.esm)


Pic: https://gyazo.com/360ab7ef031d23e846c104fb67f02b7e


Tried this 3 times now with fresh installs with the same effect.


EDIT: Verified steam cache. It re-acquired the 5 .esm files for the DLC. I ran FalloutLauncher.exe to generate a new .ini.

Followed the same procedure with FO3Edit. Same result. 4 times now.

Not having these .esm files in Fallout 3 goty\Data is causing a crash on launch every time.


Any ideas?

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It looks like the behavior of FO3Edit and MO have changed since this section of the guide was written. The guide has been revised. The cleaned ESM files are in the Mod Organizer "Overwrite" folder, and the original ESMs are in the "FO3Edit Backups" folder inside "Overwrite".

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