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Ugrid change for Fallout 3

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Hello there, with the fallout 4 release soon i want to wait with a new Fo3 game. And of course i think about STEP and his guide and moding Fo3.


After everything done, i launch my new game and walking around and i was really surprised with the nice texture etc with an old game lile fo3 if you mod him well, but ... i forgot how horrible was to see thin poping and apear like magic in front of you. I don't think if i didn't notice it before or juste don't pay attention, or too mush Skyrim maybe :/


So, after a look i see we can change ugrid, but where in skyrim with some mod and tweak this can be a little more "safe", i think on Fo3 there is no real mod for this (didn't found), and i know if i change the Ugrid setting, play the game, save, anb then want to pass ugrid 7 to ugrid 5 i will not be able to play my save again.


I hae read nothing about ugrid on the STEP guide for Fo3, but, it is possible with an high end PC (GTX 970 + i5 4440 + 8Gram + SSD) to play with Ugrid 7 ? or do i will face off CTD everywhere ? or a solution ?


Because the vision distance is horrible :s



Thanks for reading and for your time, and even more fr the work of everybody, and if somone can tell me something about this, thanks.

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You can change ugrids, although I haven't ever done so and I don't know if there are any problems other than the standard ones in Bethesda games. These have been discussed in detail in the Skyrim forums. However, if you then want to revert ugrids back to the default value there is no guarantee; I have not seen any comments on successfully doing this for Fallout 3. I'm also not aware of a FO3 mod equivalent to the Stable uGridsToLoad mod for Skyrim.

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