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A Closer Look - Simple Smooth Hotkey Zoom (by fadingsignal)


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https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64981/? by FadingSignal


From the Description page:



  • Smoothly zooms in when the assigned hotkey is pressed
  • Smoothly zooms back out when that key is pressed again
  • Can be used most any time (conversations, combat, etc.)
  • MCM to allow configuration for:
  • - Number of steps
  • - Zoom amount per-step
  • - Zoom speed
  • - Hotkey assignment
  • - Disable functionality for simple removal
  • Very lightweight, safe, event-based scripts (not the 'bad' kind), code-reviewed!
  • Safe to remove (though you should still never remove mods mid-game!)
  • Enable/disable without having to remove it
  • Works with gamepads / controllers!


  • Confirmed to work with Enhanced Camera, but you must make sure to set bEnableFOVOverride=0 in the SKSE_EnhancedCamera.ini
  • Works with Customizable Camera, but you need to set your default FOV inside of CC itself, otherwise when zooming out you may return to vanilla FOV value.
  • Because it simply slides the FOV up and down, it should theoretically be compatible with any other camera mod. Bug reports welcome!
  • Face to Face Conversation (though it will 'hijack' the camera while in a conversation, though I find this useful!)
  • Works with controllers as well!



I've been playing around with this one for a while now and have had no issues, so I thought I'd make it known in case anyone else wants a try.  I love the MCM hotkey configuration and it plays really well with Enhanced Camera.



EDIT - there does seem to be an issue with the mod at this stage for those who have changed their FOV settings.  After using, your FOV will be reset to the vanilla standard.  This is being looked at and is looking to be fixed.  It's not an issue for me as I'm using the standard FOV.

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