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Place your bets please

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It's on the bloody "Hot Files" list, so there's no way you haven't seen it.


Shall we place bets on:


A) how long before it's pulled from Nexus?


B) gets the most votes for Sept.?


C) did anyone actually see another such mod actually appearing on Nexus?


D) gets honorable mention for most creative use of graphics having nothing to do with the mod?



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I still don't know what it is after reading the description. Is Skyrim like The Sims XXX now? Tech might know.


TechAngel85, on 10 Sept 2015 - 12:07 AM, said: Must already be pulled because I don't see anything odd.


Well you wouldn't would you?  ::P: Lol 'pulled'. Perfect. 

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Right after posting this, I went to Nexus and it has indeed disappeared from the Hot Files splash page, but not from the latest updates.


Since it seems some of us don't actually visit Nexus as often as I'd thought, here's the link to the mod in question:





Edit - just went for the link, and it's back on the Hot Files on the front page again.


My impression is it's a sex animation mod that's the equivalent of a 16 speed manual transmission.  Lot's of control, with plenty of opportunity to grind those gears into dust.

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For some reason this doesn't even surprise me though.


I mean with the sexual content in The Witchers, GTA's hidden sex scene, and stuff like this as far back as Dragon Age....nothing new here.

Pretty much, plus why are people so afraid of a little T&A? Especially in a game where there is spurting blood and/or dismemberment. That being said, the description of purpose and whats included could be better. lol

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It's Skyrim Immersive Coitus, that's what it is.


After a long two days braving deadly blizzards and nearly dying twice trying to gather enough firewood west of Dawnstar, gathering drinking water and boiling it to rid it of those pesky Realistic Diseases, never mind braving those pesky Nord styled alterations, all this Breton born Dragonborn wants to do is get back home to Whiterun.   He knows his house carl will have roast goat, slaughterfish soup, and Black-Briar Mead waiting.  He runs the whole way in his Daedric boots, and by now everyone knows what this implies.


Haelga knows.  Oh yes, Haelga knows.


After replenishing those much needed calories, they'll go upstairs for some good old fashioned Tundra styled body heat sharing with Auroras visible through the smoke slots in the roof.  But before sleep arrives, he'll need to dispel some of the tension that comes with questing.  Skyrim Immersive Coitus.  


Afterwards they'll sit crosslegged and smoke their Pipes of Skyrim, because that's what you do.




I don't know - I still think kissing a bare breast is less offensive and more entertaining than putting an ebony arrow into one, but maybe that's just me....

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In the flesh, very much so. Although I'm not entirely sure that the same is true of watching a Luma Sharpened appendage going at it, complete with janky animations and clipping that would put you in hospital in real life.


There's also the wife-factor: "Yeah, just about done, I'm going to finish Haelga off and I'll be right along to bed, dear". But yeah, I'm not sure why it should be any worse than "I'm just going to murder all these bandits, steal their shoes and jewelry, and then place their bodies in entertaining positions".


You may indeed have a point. And Haelga sounds like a fine woman too.

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Someone should give this mod a thread in the mod discussion section, so people can share troubleshooting issues trying to integrate it into a Skyrim STEP-based installation.  If it stays here it's more likely to get lost to time and the fact that the mod's name isn't mentioned by text in the thread title or anywhere else in the messages so far.

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I'll volunteer to make a thread in the mods section when it's developed a bit further.  I was reading the associated thread on Nexus forums, and it sounds like the author is opting to include more hugging, cuddling, and kissing than graphic sex, which may indeed have a place in some users desire for immersion.


There's a video now up on the description page.  Honestly, the animations are surprising good.  Huh....


I'm guessing the people involved with Skyrim Romance Mod are ecstatic.  The interactive romance model where all that flirting, misunderstandings, and steamy tension can finally get some relief without it turning into a scene from a McPorn-Studio.

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