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IMPACT plus F & L

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You'd probably need the patches for WMX, WMX-ModernWeapons and Project Nevada, as well as making a compatibility patch of your own with FNVEdit as the IMPACT-author recommends. Note that it probably wouldn't add effects if you installed any of the additional weapon mods from either of the two extra sections, if I understand how the mod works correctly.

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I installed IMPACT + patches 







Project Nevada - IMPACT.esp


I didn't include any of the POPmerged patches cause we don't use POPmerged.


Ran the bash tag script, created the bash patch.  No need to run the merge script cause all patches get merged into that bash patch.


So far looks like everything is working fine...and it only uses one plugin slot.  :woot:

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Yes, I've tried it with a F&L loadout that I had awhile back.  It worked fine since its an auto-patch method so there were no incompatibilities.  You still need the base files, just have the compatability version below the original files and hide the original mod's esp.

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