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[Solved]What to do with "Unmanaged: Bashed Patch, 0"



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This just means that you ran Wrye Bash not through MO, which led to a Bashed Patch being created directly in your data folder. Just deleted this bashed patch and make sure to always run WB through MO.


Note that "Bashed Patch, 0.esp" is always created if not already existing whenever launching WB, even if you didn't build it.

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The bashed patch created with Wrye Flash is handled in a completely different manner to that for Skyrim.

For the patch to be created you must have either the blank patch in the Data folder, or in a mod of your creation, and that blank file is overwritten, not copied first then patched. Using WB in MO always places a new bashed patch in the 'overwrite' folder, with FO3 or FNV it doesn't.

This means it is much more fiddly to have multiple patches for multiple profiles.


When patching in the Fallout games, MO will log an error but still produce a working patch if the file is found in the Data folder. To get around this you should first copy a blank patch from the Wrye install and place it into a new user-created mod in MO.

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