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Tes5Edit found dirty records in a DLC twice in a row


I was cleaning my DLC masters the other day in preparation for a new Skyrim install when something odd happened. I accidentally cleaned one of them again, a second time, after it had already been cleaned. Tes5Edit found more things to remove. What could have caused it to miss those things the first time? and does this mean that I should clean master files multiple times? I was cleaning them one at a time and following the master file cleaning directions.

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So this is a known thing? Is there anything else important about it, or just that I need to clean it twice and not worry about it?

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    • By jeof96
      I followed the instructions on setting up the tools
      Right now, as a workaround, I just manually backed up Update.esm and copy it somewhere, before cleaning with xEditQuickAutoClean.
    • By knoweyedee
      I used to use this perfectly (Thanks by the way, excellent Application) & Upon a ReInstall of My Windows I can No longer use the app!
      I receive : External Exception C0FB007E error
      Bug Report :
      If Anyone Can Help it'd Be Appricated , Thanks
    • By CplDevilDog
      TES5Edit is not giving me the Save window after I clean Update.esm.
      I am following Gamer Poets video on cleaning the Update.esm file using TES5Edit through Mod Organizer.  Everything works fine until I close TES5Edit.  I do not get the option to save the cleaned Update, the program just terminates and I am back in MO with LOOT complaining the esm is still dirty.
      I have tried pressing Control-S  as TES5Edit's documentation suggested you could force the Save window to appear but no luck.
      I suspect I have a very large hole in my understanding of the way MO handles ...well, everything 😞
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