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  1. I keep getting this error: Cannot open file "C:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\meshes\terrain\Tamriel\trees\Tamriel.4.-12.-12.btt". The system cannot find the path specified. I'm using Mod Organizer. I had v2.12 last time I ran DynDOLOD and it worked. I upgraded to v2.14 and not I get this error. I gracked the file down and it was from Enhanced Vanilla trees. Since I'm using that mods tree lods I had unticked generate tree lods in Dyndolod anyway, but I deactivated EVT and got almost the same error, just a different tree file name.
  2. Thank you very much for all your hard work Sheson. You rock. I'm gonna wait until that update as I don't have either of those problem worlds you listed to leave out in the other post.
  3. DynDOLOD.exe keeps getting stuck after about 12 minutes and not responding. The last line always reads "updating 610 base records" and then it becomes unresponsive. I waited for an hour but eventually force closed it. I use Mod Organizer so installed the DynDOLOD resources and vanilla tree billboards as mods. I have the requirements, installed the core files in the skyrim folder, not the data folder, unticked have MO manage archives in the right archive pane and unticked automatic archive invalidation in the profile settings. My skyrim.ini has the correct archive settings. The Texgen.exe ran ok and generated the textures like it's supposed to and I added them as a mod into MO overwriting everything. I'm running Windows 10 Home 64bit. Any ideas about what could be going wrong?
  4. Thanks TechAngel85. I will leave it where it is for the time being and go ask around on the Skyrim Mod Combiner page then to see what those users' experience with it is.
  5. Thanks for the replies :) So do you think there would be any benefit, or any problem, with setting VideoMemorySizeMB = 10,240? I read on another thread from a year ago that that number is the maximum value. Is that still the case? https://forum.step-project.com/topic/4781-correct-enblocal-settings/
  6. I was following the ENBoost quickstart instructions: https://wiki.step-project.com/ENBoost#Recommendations I have 16Gb of Ram and the formula for deciding VideoMemorySizeMb is [Total Available Graphics Memory] − [170 (for Win7) or 350 (for Win8+)] My total available graphics memory is only reported as 7936. Does that mean there is absolutely no use in having over 8GB of RAM? I was setting up Skyrim Mod Combiner to make my new install nice and pretty and the author of that project recommended 16GB if you are going to run the game with SMC and an ENB.
  7. Why does MO ask me to move "Unmanaged: Dragonborn" mod folder after "RaceCompatibility"? Is there a good reason, or is this automated suggestion just a glitch I should ignore?
  8. Do I have to install the full LOOT to the same directory as the cut down MO version is in for this to work? I installed it in it's own folder within MO.
  9. @Nozzer66 So this is a known thing? Is there anything else important about it, or just that I need to clean it twice and not worry about it?
  10. I know I will need to get Loot and run it through MO to be able to set my own ordering rules and to see the pop up window, but once I set those rules, will I need to run my executable for them to apply, or will MO's built in Loot "sort" button also respect my added sorting rules?
  11. I was cleaning my DLC masters the other day in preparation for a new Skyrim install when something odd happened. I accidentally cleaned one of them again, a second time, after it had already been cleaned. Tes5Edit found more things to remove. What could have caused it to miss those things the first time? and does this mean that I should clean master files multiple times? I was cleaning them one at a time and following the master file cleaning directions.
  12. That did the trick. It's annoying having to delete them every time though because they're regenerated every time I open MO. I will try making a read only mod out of them like GSDFan did and see if that works.
  13. Interesting about the Racemenu tri files. I will try deleting them and see if that works for me. It would be strange if that is the issue though because I only started having this problem after migrating my Skyrim to my new computer. I think I did upgrade Racemenu after that though. Maybe I had removed the tri files before but they were regenerated when I updated Racemenu.
  14. The first time I run SKSE through MO to start the game my profile isn't loaded, or at least there is no continue or load game options available front page. I quit, reopen MO and try again and it works, options to continue and load games are available. If I quit and repeat it is gone again and so on. Is this a known issue? It's not game breaking, just annoying that I have to load the game twice to play. I use the feature that stores saves to specific profile so that's why I'm guessing that the profile isn't loading. My Specs: CPU: i5-4670k RAM: 2x4GB 1866 GPU: 4GB AMD r9 290 OS: Windows 7 64 bit
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