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Game simply won't start?



I've almost finished installing F&L (excluding millenia weapon mod and some weapon retextures) and when I try to start the game it simply won't start. The game running in background for a couple of seconds then terminates itself without any warning. No crash or anything. It doesn't even get to the first loading screen.


Later I found out that the only way to ever start the game was by unticking NVInteriors & A room with a view, ILO, Vault 22 overhaul, and Spice of life. One of these mods activated and the game won't start.


Does anyone else experience this? Are there any incompatibilities with these mods?


EDIT: I just found out that through exhaustive searching that NVInterior is somehow incompatible with... Courier Stash Integration(?). I have installed both mods according to F&L Guide. Is this normal?

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This seems to be a widely rampant issue - people using old versions of MO.  Apparently it's due to the fact that the author of MO doesn't have the newest version at the top of the download list and lots of people aren't fastidious enough to realize this when they download.

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