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Additional Weapons Packs result in red triangles

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I just finished following the Fear and Loathing pack and noticed red triangles on certain objects. After a while I noticed they were only occurring with the weapons that come in the additional weapons packs. I've tried reinstalling them and remerging them multiple times but it hasn't worked. Also when I try to craft the weapons that come with the packs there is also no icon of the weapon or ammo for the weapons. The icon just says "error".


If anyone has any idea what might be wrong your advice would be appreciated.

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I rechecked my load order and the merged esp's for the additional weapons look to be in the right spot. They're right after the Project Nevada EVE and WMX patches and also right before the Enhanced Blood esp.


I also checked to see if the weapons worked if they were loaded in a non-merged patch and they work fine like that. I don't understand why a merged patch would make a difference?


Edit: Also the weapon mods for the new guns are still showing up in doc mitchell's house, as they should, if that's any help.

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If you haven't found a solution to this problem, I had it and I solved it by ticking "copy general assets" in the merged tutorial or set up bit. Make sure you go back into the merged files 1.9 start up where you find the MO folder and such and make sure its ticked to work and copy over the assets.

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