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Heavy Armoury - New Weapons


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Heavy Armoury - New Weapons


Compatible with both Vanilla Skyrim and Dawnguard.

Heavy Armory is a mod that adds many new lore-friendly weapons to Skyrim. You’ll find these new weapons in the hands of bandits, guards, vampires, Draugr, Falmer and many other npc’s throughout the game world. You can also simply craft them from any forge (if you have the skill and resources of course).

In total there are around 50 new weapons to be found. These Include a number of new kinds of weapons. You can find clubs, halberds, spears, glaives shortswords and quarter staves.

Also beware of the Draugr, Falmer and Forsworn because they may wield a number of new and deadly weapons against you too!

All these new weapons are created using bits and pieces from vanilla weapons to make sure they fit in seamlessly with the rest of Skyrim’s arsenal.


The aim of this mod is to increase realism and immersion into the magnificent world that is Skyrim, by creating more variety in the weapons you can discover and wield. If you’re looking for some new weapons to wield (or to get your face bashed in with!), than look no further.

Heavy Armory is for you!

A very good complimentary mod for Skyrim increasing the variety of weapons. Lore-friendly, fully compatible with STEP and is a core part of SkyRe.

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