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Do you think this might be better served if it was a 'xEdit' guide rather than specifically a 'TES5Edit' guide?


I don't know. Is there a big difference in how the different versions work?


There isn't much difference, just some functions which are unavailble from a version to another, but nothing critical.


The only weak point of having a global xEdit guide instead of a TES5Edit one is that when learning, from a total newbie point of view, it's quite disturbing. I learned to use it while I barely had an idea of what a record was, reading miax's FO3Edit while trying to apply stuff to Skyrim, and I felt lost... (but it might just be me ^^)


Fact is, a TES5Edit guide is basically an xEdit guide...



About cleaning files : 


I believe this specific part should be kept as standalone, so it can quickly be referenced as : "go there and follow this tutorial to clean your plugins". Functions used for cleaning should be described and explained in the main guide as well, but probably not as a step by step tutorial (InSTEPtion...).



To anyone reading the guide :


Keep in mind that it haven't been checked by "top-class TES5Edit masters" such as Zilav or Sharlikran (This topic got posted a little bit too soon ^^). Nothing technical is added yet so it doesn't really matter, but don't believe everything the author is writing there for now ;)



@Alternity : Will do. But you know that you can edit the wiki too right ? :p

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There some minor differences, but basically it is the same tool. I'm just thinking if we make the guide universal then any links from game specific guides won't need to be duplicated. There're already a couple of different versions of the ESM cleaning guide and they can all be folded into this with the same set of instructions applicable to all.


I have already started, many months ago, to look through the guides available on the net and a lot needs to changed and some things need to removed. Even the wiki is just a copy/paste of the Miax's guide mentioned above.

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Okay, then we can make it a xEdit Guide. And anyone can feel free to update the guide. This goes for all of our Guides on the wiki. Feel free to edit. Just remember to post your updates to the Guide's Forum Thread which is linked at the top of every Guide.

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