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No Plans for Morrowind Support at all?



Hi all,


Recently got the itch to get back into Morrowind, after finally beating the main quest in Skyrim.


After using Mod Organizer for Skyrim/Oblivion/New Vegas/Fallout, I can't really imagine modding without it.


I know Morrowind support is currently not implemented, but is it possible that it is on the roadmap or something that can be done in the future?  Wrye Mash is OK as a mod manager but I just love being able to keep the data directories completely pristine and clean of mods.

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There is a workaround to get some of MO's functionality working with Morrowind but there are gaps in what it will support due to folder names.


I can't paste from this browser but I found the link via a "mod organizer morrowind" search on google. There is a link to gamesas.com titled "Mod Organizer for Morrowind : III - Morrowind - of 4"

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