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The Sinister Seven (by Ravelen)

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The Sinister Seven - Ravenlen


Mod showcase starts at 3m47s, and this isn't a SW mod.


Description: The Sinister Seven is a quest line in the vein of Kill Bill. Seven Assassins are dispatched to kill the player, spanning over 20 levels. This grants seven intense single duels as the assassins chase the player across the land. It is meant to be open ended to the players background, while fostering the feeling of being hunted.


The questline is built to be generally open ended and allowed to work to the players imagination and their character's origin story. AlternateStart - Live Another Life by Arthmooris highly suggested to get that real gritty feeling. What's better than waking up after having been left for dead? They should have buried you deeper.

As the player progresses in levels, hired mercenaries will eventually track down and try to kill the player. Along the way the player will also have to fight seven intense duels to finally end the quest. As long as your character has levels to progress, the quest will work.

These seven duels are not supposed to be easy fights. Hard, but winnable. Each of the seven unique assassins is at least twice the players level and will track them down across the map. They may show up when you're sleeping, when you're exploring a cave, or just on the road. You can try to fight them or run into the wilderness, which should buy you some time, but don't expect them to give up. Eventually they'll track you. Use your cunning to evade and eventually defeat them. Leap off of waterfalls dramatically to buy time, lead them through a series of traps Rambo style, make friends who will watch your back, do whatever you have to do to survive.



Next update:


Implemented Successfully so far: Stalking AI will go after players usually during daylight hours, as it's easier to track the player, question NPCs about your location, etc. However, a minority of the time they will go after the player during night hours, in an ambush attempt.

Roster of minions increased from four to ten, minions refined, unique abilities added for some in an attempt to mirror stealth mechanics for stealth archetypes (thieves, rogues, assassins), as well as poisoned weapons for said archetypes. Spawn chance per minion lowered to 10%, so an average of 1 per level. Will make three levels of of version difficulty for players to select from. 1 Minion per level, 3-4 minions per level, and 3-4 minions per level plus Boss Assassins 4x players level instead of 2x.

Three new unique masks added, two of those are gender specific to male and female. So all seven masks are now unique. Two unique sets of armor added, gender specific to male and female.

Upgraded the final chest with a selection of enchanted leveled loot for all archetypes, moved it around, made it a little easier to find the last boss -- had a little problem for some users, but should be fine now.

To do: Work on the boss assassins, try to create unique mechanics / abilities for them. Possibly create new enchantments for each of the masks, granting you a similar mirror of their abilities. Either passive or once per day, given how powerful those things are. Kind of like Skyrim Megaman.



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I think this mod looks pretty great. It's still a work in progress, though. I'm not really sure how it fits into STEP, though.


But, cool looking, definitely.

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Version 3.1 is out and basically feature complete:


Version 3.0
-Modified stalking behavior, hunting will usually take place during daylight so tracks are easier to spot, NPCs are out and active to be questioned about your location, etc. Though sometimes NPCs will try to group up and ambush you at night. So stay on your toes!
-Stalking behavior more random, less predictable.
-Stalking now takes player sneaking into account, so thief types can try to sneak away to live another day.
-Upgraded minion roster from 4 to 10. Two of the minions try to impersonate stealth mechanics. You're not the only one who can sneak or use poison now!
-Modified all boss assassins. They now all have unique abilities for unusual fighting experiences.
-Modified all the masks and their enchantments, with enchantments that mirror the boss abilities. A little like Skyrim Megaman.
-Now 7 unique masks, plus two unique gender specific sets of armor.
-Modified the final boss position + reward chest.
-Added three different versions.
-Modified music that plays while fighting the boss assassins, should now play already existing epic boss

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He told me he wants to add vengeance parties to go after you if you ticked off any of the factions in Skyrim, like say the dragons get ticked off, so they'll send some dragons to hunt you down. I'm kidding, I mean say the Companions got offended by you. You'll find them stalking you, or a hold will send bounty hunters after you instead of waiting for you to pop up in front of a guard. I told him to make a different mod for that, as this one is simple and great for role-playing.

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      [00:01:55.485]    <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\treepineforestsnowl03_0005d2d9_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement>
      [00:01:55.486]    <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\srg_treepineforestdead04_000b927d_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement>
      [00:01:55.488]    <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\srg_treepineforestdead05_000b927e_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement>
      [00:01:55.490]    <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\srg_treepineforestsnow02_0005c071_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement>
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      [00:01:57.684]    Exception in unit userscript line 350: One or more errors occurred
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      This is a very interesting mod, yet relatively unknown mod. While the main thing it advertises is the ability to swim from Skyrim to Solstheim, it is a lot more than that on the LOD front. It has overhauled a huge amount of the landscape, mostly the landscape beyond the playable regions. It also expands the size of Tamriel and Solstheim worldspaces. I am unsure that there aren't problems due to the size increase, as I had thought that there was a certain limit on the bounds that can be used for worldspaces without bugs.
      There are multiple incompatibilities that can be found and resolved in xEdit, mostly involving weather records added to certain cells. There are landscape conflicts between this and Smooth Shores that possibly might require a Creation Kit patch.
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