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Ethereal Elven Overhaul (by nuska)


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This looks interesting but before we can use it in S.T.E.P. we might need to figure out how we're going to "merge" changes between mods.


This obviously edits the "race" forms for the elf races which would over-ride any changes in the USKP/UDGP/etc. unless it was updated to match.


I think at present only wood elf conflicts with USKP, not sure about UDGP. Unfortunately race forms are changed for anything from warpaint to makeup to you name it and they are a huge source of conflict.

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For USKP it's very minor(to the point it can be ignored almost) I believe he changed the race height for wood elves.


In any case it's something to keep in mind for STEP 2.3 (not sure what if anything is being selected for this yet) that it probably will conflict with any of the below editing Elf Races:

a) Facial Feature Mods

b) Warpaint Mods

c) Makeup Mods

d) Racial Ability Mods

e) Racial Stat Mods

f) Racial mods of any type (including scale/height changes done in the CK)

g) Vampire eye changes/fixes


Also for Dawnguard users, I don't think it is set up to use the new face textures when changing to vampires at present.

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