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Clearsky Hideout - Fully Animated Playerhouse (by Hoamaii)

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This mod is not exactly STEP friendly. It is essentially a fully animated player home. Features from the mod page:

â–º Fully animated playerhouse
â–º Over 100 animated interactions.
â–º Sleep UNDER blankets rather than on top of them.
â–º Change table settings, bed sheets, lights, wall maps & more.
â–º Unlock mysteries left by previous occupants.
â–º Plant and grow your own crop (no DLC required).
â–º Followers craft, cook, mine, smelt, tan, for real.
â–º Followers store their own crafting supplies.
â–º Drinks in tankards, soup in bowls and pots, meat in bread.
â–º Learn how to craft some very unique items.
â–º Decoration as an homage to fellow modders.
â–º Customizable sleep and shower outfit management.
â–º Customizable crafting supply auto-storage.
â–º Fully navmeshed and cleaned with TES5edit

Animation showing mod

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I am really curious how incompatible it might be with all those character animations.

Looks nice, but kind of overdone. But I'm sure some people prefer that.

Also, 360MB, whoa. That has to be a record of some sort.

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It only overwrites the following animations from Static Mesh Improvement mod:





and it only has one ESP and has patches for some of the mods in REGS and SR:LE. The only patches I used were for Frostfall and Bathing in Skyrim. Whether ESP itself has conflicts, I do not know. The above listed conflicts are the only overwritten files in my mod list which largely follows SR:LE, but with lots of extra animation and follower mods.

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