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ENBoost or ENB with F&L?

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I am interested in hearing how some of you have set up ENBoost with the F&L pack and whether you have a full ENB as well.


Assuming you use at least ENboost since the guide recommends it, do you have UseEffect set to false? If you have it set to true, which of the options are you using?


The reason I ask is that the interior of, say, the Goodsprings Coyote Cave looks dramatically different with UseEffect on or off due to the interior ambient lighting.


If you use a full ENB, which would you recommend for more natural appearances which also are updated for version 263 of the dll? I have been looking at some of the Enhanced Shaders ENB 263 presets on the nexus and would appreciate some opinions. Having looked at some of Hodilton's video reviews, quite a few are either washed out, too technicolor or simply out of date.


I know there are about three mods in the F&L pack which have modified installation instructions depending on whether you are using an ENB or not.

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In general if you want more natural appearances then a simple desaturation of everything will most likely work wonders. Just about all presets increase color intensity in some way, reducing that will bring the lighting back to more... bland and realistic values. 

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I have opted to try Enhanced Shaders ENB (Nevada Skies edition) with its Natural palette. Outdoors in daylight the effect is balanced and very nice to look at. Indoors however the shadows are very deep and the night is pitch black. I have no idea if this is a feature of the ENB or if it is Nevada Skies. I will look at Nevada Skies night options first.

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