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Top 10 Skyrim Mods

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If you were going to give a friend Skyrim and install 10 mods to give him/her the best experience possible (assume a fast PC), what would be your top picks? Thanks for the input!


Edit: thanks to pStyl3's list, assume the unofficial bug fix patches and SKSE are already installed, so any 10 other than those. :)

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First, I would say that it is impossible to find the "Top 10" mods, as there are so many great mods, and thus, many would've been skipped by such a ranking. But I could tell you 10 mods that I really, really like and wouldn't want to play without. Those are:







Immersive Armors

A Quality World Map - With Roads

Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival

Convenient Horses

Book Covers Skyrim


Again, these are just my personel preferences, and I have skipped a lot of other great mods by defining this list. But that gives a great start, by fixing a lot of bugs, adding nice armors and features, giving the vast amout of books the visuals they deserve, making navigation better and giving you a genius level follower.

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Thanks pStyl3! I of course agree that value is subjective, hence there's no such thing as an objective top 10. But I'm not an experienced player so am hoping to learn from veterans' views on this. :) For instance it's fascinating to me that the book covers mod would come at the exclusion of an ENB or Starac's textures.


Based on your response I'm going to edit my original post to include the bug fixes and SKSE since those are more infrastructure related. So if you had 2 more to pick, care to share what they'd be? Thank you again for the list!

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The Unofficial Patches,


A Quality World Map - With Roads,

AMidianBorn Book of Silence,

Book Covers Skyrim,

Main Font Replacement,

The Eyes of Beauty,

Superior Lore Friendly Hair


It's hard to stop at 10, but I wont ever play Skyrim without these 10 at a minimum.

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Immersive HUD. costs essentially nada in resources, can be run on anything and yet improves immersion massively (imo)

Immersive Creatures (I remember being very reluctant to try it but I can't really play without it now, it feels too redundant and boring)

Inconsequential NPCs, just to add life to the world

mfg console (sure it's just a utility mod more than anything else, but it's just so convenient)

RaceMenu (already been mentioned twice I know but fack it, it's just that good)

as for the graphics part :

SMIM since you said "assume a fast pc"

whatever texture pack(s) that he or she likes


... and of course ENB, lol

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Oh well, tons of other mods come to mind like Expanded Towns and Cities, Convenient Horses, not to mention the million asset replacers I use but nothing that I'd rank as high I suppose :)

I kind of forgot Skyrim Project Optimization though since that's pretty much a fix that everybody should use.

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If I had to limit Skyrim to just 10 mods, the initial set of mods are somewhat easy because they essentially fix Bethesda's UI to make the game easier and more enjoyable to play, or correct what I think is unrealistic NPC behavior. The next set of mods make the game a wee bit easier to get around. Finally, I just can't see playing Skyrim without Complete Crafting Overhaul since I use it so much to break down items into ingots that can be sold or remade into something more useful.


This leaves one slot open and I'm having a difficult time choosing between Static Mesh Improvement Mod and aMidianBorn Book of Silence.



Better Dialog Controls

Better MessageBox Controls

Run for Your Lives

The Paarthurnax Dilemma

Guard Dialog Overhaul

A Quality World Map with Roads

HiRes Legible Road Signs

Complete Crafting Overhaul

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