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Torch Arrows and Bolts (by Joolander)

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Torch Arrows

Download (Skyrim Nexus)    


Description: This is a small mod that adds Torch Arrows and Torch Bolts (for Dawnguard) to the game.


With one arrow or bolt you will be able to:

- Light up the area your arrow hits (to see better in dark dungeons or dark nights)

- Set enemies you hit on fire

- Set flammable oil puddles, flammable gas, and beehives on fire by shooting them

- Lay short-lived fire traps that damage enemies with leveled damage where your arrow lands


These arrows are meant to be mid-level items, but should still be useful at higher levels


Fires that are attached to the ground, wall or ceiling will last 15 seconds (10 for bolts) and then snuff themselves out. The light radius of the fires is slightly bigger than the vanilla torch.


Skyrim Video by Skyrim Mod of the Day



Note, you can try this alternate mod if you're having problems getting this mod to work with others. Real Fire Arrows


(Credit to fireundubh for op thread format, thanks)

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Fixed mod link and title

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