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Running ENB Manager and Changer as Admin?

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Ok, this may be an obvious or stupid question but in the ENB section of the guide it says:

Open ENB Manager and Changer. *Note: Run this as an Administrator.*

I know how to set a program to run as admin in the compatability section of the properties for a file. The issue is that it I'm unable to give a file like ENB_Manager.jar admin privileges. It's not an executable. Now, I am always logged in as an administrator with my windows account. Is that what you're referring to or am I missing something? I've been unable to run the ENB because it CTD's when loading the main menu screen. (I made a different post about it a week or two ago but no one has had any fixes or been able to guide me through this problem so I'm going over every little detail to make sure it's right.)


Thanks in advance for any help...

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Try to use it and see if the files and folders in question are moved into the Skyrim folder tree. If they are, then it worked. It worked for me, but I've disabled the UAC stuff for Skyrim, so YMMV.

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