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  1. UPDATE: I deleted Skyrim and all related files to just start over. And seeing as how this was my second unsuccesful attempt to use a STEP guide - I'm done with STEP. Thanks to the people who tried to help out.
  2. Ok, this may be an obvious or stupid question but in the ENB section of the guide it says: Open ENB Manager and Changer. *Note: Run this as an Administrator.*I know how to set a program to run as admin in the compatability section of the properties for a file. The issue is that it I'm unable to give a file like ENB_Manager.jar admin privileges. It's not an executable. Now, I am always logged in as an administrator with my windows account. Is that what you're referring to or am I missing something? I've been unable to run the ENB because it CTD's when loading the main menu screen. (I made a different post about it a week or two ago but no one has had any fixes or been able to guide me through this problem so I'm going over every little detail to make sure it's right.) Thanks in advance for any help...
  3. Hey thanks, I've been considering trying an inhjector enb but i hadn't considering downlgrading my video drivers (tho if it were driver based I'd think we'd hear more about it cos my drivers are always current and I havent seen any similar complaints around lately). Tho, like I said before, I ran it with the Game Booster and the enb a number of times BEFORE it stopped working. I've tried both ways, with and without and neither make a differece. I've run enbs plenty of times in the past and have had to do a lot of my own troubleshooting but I never ran into a problems so mind bending, cos I've tried so much on my own, tried info from other places not only this forum. Ah well, I appreciate your help just the same. PS - Direct X 9c downloaded, tested and wasn't the issue.
  4. Yeah, if I have the ENB installed, it will crash the vanilla unmodded game running from Steam. It's the truth, I didn't make this all up. I took everything I could out of memory (I'll put a screen shot of my task manager up). I have the basic ini's and ENB install that was recommended previously. Still it CTD's. And yeah, it's getting frustrating cos I love this game and I've been thinking of just unintstalling it for good. I dunno...
  5. No, not with the ENB installed. Without it I can run Skyrim fine directly from Steam. I understand what you mean about external programs and during the time I was installing the SR:LE pack I'm pretty sure I didn't install anything new.
  6. Well, I gotta say, anything like that would be a great boon to the modding community. I'm sure it'd be a lot easier if you were able to put together some kind of team to help you see this through. And I'm sure if you created a system, it might spur other modders to use it and make unique packs of mods for the masses. Tho I do realize there'd be many obsticles in such a plan. As for what I suggested, I can't imagine why mod authors wouldn't be happy to give persmission for combo mods. Is that a big issue?
  7. Before I ran into these ENB problems, I ran Skyrim + ENB with and WITHOUT Game Booster and saw no issues. Sometimes I'd forget to run GB first and just start Skyrim with all loaded programs in memory and it still ran the ENB without issue. The essential problem I'm having is figuring out what suddenly changed to make the ENB always CTD when previously it was running fine.
  8. No, the one I use is by Iobit. Been using it forever and it works pretty well. I like that it will shut down all the extra stuff on ur system so all resources go to the game. Then when ur done, press a button and it's all restored. Here a link if u want to see what I'm talking about: https://www.iobit.com/gamebooster.php Just realized this all sounded like a ad or something, lol..
  9. Ok, first off, to Neovalen: No, I don't use any overlays like that. In fact, I run Game Booster before all my games to clear unnecessary programs out of memory, so that's not the issue. Tho, I do keep nVidia apps running. Ok, well I installed the stock ENB files into the Skyrim directory after disabling ENB Manager and still CTD. I even tried ENB v.262. I was unable to find the v.240's ones mentioned above at the ENB page. A google search only turned up something about a "Blade of Shadows" game (or something similar). I even tried giving enbhost.exe admin status to no avail. To remind you, for these ENB tests, I've been running a straight vanilla copy of Skyrim without Mod Organizer using the ini's found in My Documents. Also, to keep things current, I cut and pasted in my latest skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini into my original post so you can see the base settings as they are and what still doesn't work. I left the enblocal.ini alone (it's the way SR:LE and Vividian want it) and I've simply been using the one that comes with the ENB wrapper version in the archive. Thank you to those who've replied so far for the help. I do really appreciate it.
  10. I'm a novice when it comes to modding but it occured to me that since u can combine plugins in something like TESEdit, why couldn't u just combine a bunch of mods? I'm sure there's a reason why not, I'm just curious. The STEP system is good but it is extremely time consuming and sometimes just missing a single word in the instructions can wreck everything you do after. It'd be great if there were a simpler and quick way to get all those mods installed and working.
  11. Thanks for the reply. So far, I've tested the latest ENB like suggested with the new ini's and vanilla skyrim and it still CTD's. Next, I'll try earlier versions. Tho it still doesn't make sense that it worked fine for a couple days and then suddenly stopped working. I'm still using ENB Manager, by the way, dunno if that affects things but it seems to be liked by the STEP guys. Of course, it's always possible I have ENB Manager set up wrong but I did it according to the SR:LE guide and like I said, it all worked at first.
  12. Hi, I posted my issue in the SR:LE forum but since it's an ENB problem I'm also placing a link to the post here in hopes of the getting most help. Thanks. https://forum.step-project.com/topic/6409-enb-problem-help/ (I'm hoping that posting this link isn't against the forum rules, my appologies if it is.)
  13. (My appologies for length but I'm trying to be as verbose as possible to properly illustrate the issue) Ok, I'm in the process of installing the SR:LE package (quite a chore!! lol) and I'm running into some serious ENB issues that have sort of stopped me in my tracks.. I've followed the instructions quite closely for the most part (I've used LOOT instead of BOSS). After fully installing the Vividian ENB and ENB_Manager as instructed, I ran Skyrim to test it (I installed the Wearable Lanterns Mod early to ensure compatablitiy) and it ran perfect. As I moved along, I would periodically test the mods, especially at the end of each section. Everything worked fine until I finished the "Clutter & Misc" section. Before I ran Skyrim, I unchecked the Boats Bobbing mod because I had not yet installed the required Fast Travel fix mod. This time when I ran Skyrim, it crashed back to desktop when the Main Menu would normally appear. I went back and unchecked all the mods I'd installed since my last successful run yet it still CTD'd no matter what I did. Finally, I disabled the ENB and Skyrim runs fine, even with the recently installed mods. I'm hesitant to proceed further because without the ENB Skyrim looks pretty crappy, hehe, and I'm accustomed to the look of an ENB when playing. I've looked around forums and such for a solution but nothing seems to mirror my issue. I'll put in my system specs and INI files below. (Some ini settings might differ from the SR:LE ones because I've made a few changes that I've seen from other forums in order to try to get the ENB running.) Any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks. OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit MB: Asus Z97-Deluxe CPU: Intel i7 4790k 4.0ghz RAM: Corsair Vengence 16gb GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 4gb My .ini settings are below:
  14. Hey, I had the same problem. Apprently, it's not a problem. Check out this link for more info: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/813094-tes5edit/page-66 Ok, hope that helped...
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