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Options for Audio Overhaul for Skyrim

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I haven't looked at the conflict reslotution closely in a long time but I do know that most of the aos patches are just a few records and there isn't a real reason that the patches would required because they can be taken care of fairly easily with basic conflict resolution.

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I have the below patches active in my LO:  So what you are saying is besides the Requiem patch the other patches are redundant if I'm using the SR conflict resolution.esp patch ?  


AOS2_DCOd Patch.esp  AOS2_GDO Patch.esp  AOS2_RealisticWaterTwo Patch.esp  AOS2_Requiem1.7.3 Patch.esp AOS2_WetandCold Patch.esp 

AOS_TAD Patch.esp

AOS2_WAF Patch.esp 

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I always wondered why the SR guide didn't specify those instructions i.e. patch choices and subsequently not chosen for a merged patch.   I do know that the SR conflict resolution patch includes a lot of AOS patching.  I'm simply too raw to be certain about this.  

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