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Signature looks like BB code hell?

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If your signature is suddenly all messed up, apologies. We rebuilt some of the DB tables, and due to content caching (I assume), the BB code is shining through.


To fix:

  1. Go into your profile: user name (upper right of forum page)  >  My Settings  >  Signature
  2. edit your signature by simply clicking on the little switch icon in the upper left of the editor window (this converts the signature 'post' to BB code)
  3. Simply click this button again to re-interpret the BB code into applicable styling
  4. save changes

Sorry about the inconvenience!


UPDATE: caching may have caught up and resolved all of these issues.

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      Up until a week or so ago, forum members that had never logged into the wiki prior to Feb 12, 2021 were unable to log onto the Step wiki. Why? We had permissions missing after the site move at that time.
      Since nobody mentioned it until @Ruedii did so a couple of weeks ago, we never knew it. It should be fixed now, so that anyone that has forum membership should once again be able to log onto the wiki with same member name and password.
      note that if your member name begins with a lower case letter, it will need to be upper case for the wiki user name. This is just a wiki thing, so no getting around it. Once logged in, simply check the box so that future logins don't require a password (if browser cookies are enabled).
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      Deployment Successful, thanks to the work of the team and TechAngel85 for updating the newest versions of the LE and SE guides. We hope you like the upgrade. Note that BB code is no longer supported, but the WYSIWYG editor here is much better. Image handling is more intuitive.
      Finally. We are pleased to announce the planned release of "STEP 3.0" on Saturday, February 13, 2021 to upgrade software, features and services.

      As we had announced nearly 4 years ago now, we will be moving the site to a new server with updated software and features. Our new URL (unavailable until Feb 13): https://stepmodifications.org
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      Notable Wiki Upgrades
      To date, the STEP wiki has primarily been used for serving up our Skyrim modding and tool guides in addition to user-created guides and content. This infrastructure has been supported using Mediawiki and Semantic Mediawiki. This software has served its purposes pretty well. The latest Mediawiki software opens up more possibilities, enhancements, and features:
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      New Guides:
      New Skyrim SE v1.0.0 guide New Skyrim LE v3.0.0 guide - Unless a significant proportion of the community feels otherwise, this will be the final release of STEP's Skyrim LE guide. It will be supported perpetually. The updated platform has the capacity to support guide creation and maintenance of multiple moddable games. This includes:
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