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Sleeping and Fast Travel Dangers - Sands of Time


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It's a very nice mod, but I found I had to either set the fasttravel chance to 0% or something close to it due to annoying loadtimes. The problem when fasttraveling is that it first lets you finish the loadscreen, then ambushes you and sends you through another loadscreen again. You fight off the ambush and then get yet another loading screen, becoming very tiresome. The sleep-ambushes etc are an excellent addition though, esp when using a bedroll in the wilderness. :)

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this mod along with lot other realism-oriented will be added in the next update. I'm just testing a long game with them (and i'm very much enjoying it :P).


Lol. Have fun! It's nice to take a break and actually play every once in a while. About to do that myself. Enjoy! :D
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i like this mod... but i think that compatibility with frostfall (expecially in hardcore mode) is quite difficult ... sleeping is not easy with sans of time... but pretty important with frostfalls....also the armors used in sands of time...well they're not too much...the overall idea is awesome anyway... i like it a lot

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checked out with latest version of sand of time and looks like i have no problem....maybe there was a scripting issue in fast travel or sleeping....i had many ctd using both...so sands of time was disbled.... my fault.

good news indeed

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