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  1. Hello ol'timers ;) I was delighted to read how well things are going with STEP, and stunned by the figures - mostly because I thought this should have happened ages ago! Seriously though these things do tend to be exponential once they start rolling and word spreads through the web. All credit to you for the hours of effort put in, and to our users for sticking with this great project. I may not have contributed much but I am still proud to have been there at the beginning. Most importantly credit goes to The Compiler for his original vision and focus that made STEP more than just another mod compilation guide... /bow. I'm still a long way from affording a PC rebuild so Skyrim gathers dust on a shelf, as I can't bear the idea of playing it un-modded now :P It makes my mouth water just to think what it will be like with a full STEP by the time I play again :D - I still intend to be on TESO from the beginning and hope to see others there too... It won't be Elder Scrolls as we know it but that doesn't mean it won't be fun, and above all collaborative. Best wishes and kudos to all you folks. B)
  2. Not so unbelievable, I have known several women like that ;)
  3. Sounds brilliant a 'must try'. How would mixing and matching like this affect, for instance, the Parallax mods though?
  4. Excellent catch :) I'm a constant explorer rather than quest follower so this will be invaluable - a definite addition.
  5. I have played Eve and although it is an MMO I don't think of it as RPG, just not engaging on that level. As to Morrowind, there is a mod pack Morrowind Overhaul that you might want to consider. Here is also a showing our firendly neighborhood Vurt's excellent landscape flora mod :)
  6. For those on the gnarley edge as far as FPS goes (like me) there is still a place for RLwC. I also still prefer the darker nights and dungeons. Have to say I've not encountered any issues with RLwC thus far although I did update to the sans Rain version Atm though I'm very interested to see how Staynd's stand-alone Vibrancy ENB mod turns out.
  7. @Draco & Farlo Morrowind will inevitably look a bit dated - although I've been a long time away from the mod scene there so can't say how far it can be buffed up visually now. However it has a pretty good story line and the area is so different in look and feel to the other parts of Tamriel that you don't look for it to be 'realistic' in the same way as Oblivion introduced. It is well worth the few pennies it would cost to try it out :)
  8. Yes! Big fan at the time :) Seriously flawed but very atmospheric with a quality storyline as far as it went. I'm not a great Vampire fan, it's a genre that has become very devalued thanks to the whole "Interview", "Angel", "Twilight" nonsense.I'm more of a "Dusk til Dawn", "30 Days of Night" type :)
  9. I used to prefer ATi cards, and not just for the price ;) but because the image rendition tended to be less harshly contrasted than nVid cards - I found that more natural (the original Unreal game looked gorgeous on an ATi card). Back then it was common to use a third party driver if you were primarily in to games. The guy who produced the Omega drivers actually had contact with, and help from, ATi at the time. Defunct now unfortunately. I moved to nVidia when they took a commanding lead in 3D rendition, and as yet they still hold that imho. As Sb4N (I think) said they also have a more solid compatability across platforms. It would be nice now with the general cheapness of memory if companies started offering higher vRAM models within affordable price points as sales propaganda, as the whole "fastest card in the world" thing is getting a bit stale.
  10. Other than TES (at least until this year) I am really an MMORPG gamer. [That has included: EQ, EQ2, GW, Vanguard, WoW, AoC, LotRO] Unfortunately, due to the dire 'shallow' state of modern MMOs generally there is nothing myself and my Guild have active :( Very depressing tbh. So... pushed into the loneliness of the long distance solo gamer I've been amusing myself with Kingdoms of Amalur (RIP 38 Studios & *Copernicus*), Diablo 3, and of course Skyrim. I can't really enjoy FPSs anymore as the reflexes just aren't there :P Anyway I like to immerse and 'live' my games rather than just consume them. A list of previously played would pretty much echo Frihyland's with just a few additions, so I won't bother :)
  11. Discussion thread: Convenient Horses by Alek Wiki Link Convenient Horses Having seen this recommended by Skwareballz and in the latest Nexus video it looks like a very good contender, especially if combined with SKSE for key mapping. I intend to add this to my setup for testing and while there appear to be a couple of non-game-breaking glitches, as yet I have seen no obvious incompatabilities. The author seems to have thought carefully about this one and the inclusion of animation, both for immersion and to signify the trigger of a given command, rather than simply jumping from one state to another is especially nice.
  12. Hey Farlo, great to see you back :) I asked recently if we had a compatability list for 1.6 as yet and the lack of reply makes me think not ;) Afraid your best bet is to run through the list of STEP mods you plan to use and check the Nexus pages for confirmation of update friendliness. Boring but necessary. From what I gather most major projects have updated, USKP has a beta for now that works, and the graphics/texture mods won't cause any problems anyway. There were a few hiccups waiting for an updated CK... not sure how stable that is yet or if mod authors are able to use it for updating, I'm sure someone else here has their finger on the pulse of that one. Good luck with the install, there have been some tasty additions since your short sabatical :)
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