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Mod organizer and how it handles priority


Hi - I have a couple of basic questions about the way MO handles priority.


1. The instructions say whichever mod is higher in the priority column has precedence. I can't tell if that means the higher numbered mod has precedence or the higher mod when looking at the mod list graphically.


So for example if I have three mods, with their numbered priority like so:


1. Mod C

2. Mod B

3. Mod A


Does that mean Mod A has priority over Mod C, because the number 3 is higher than Number 1? Or does Mod C have priority because it's higher in the column? Or is it that the Number 1 mod has priority over everything, like it won the race?


I'm sure I'm overthinking this but I'm not going to be happy until I just ask, so here you go.



2. I'm not entirely clear how MO decides to assign priority when a mod is installed. For example, the first three mods in my list look like this:


1. A Perfect Assassin armor mod, installed on 3/29

2. Bellyache's HD Dragon replacer, installed 3/11

3. Skyrim Flora Overhaul, installed 4/2


I have no idea why they're ordered in that manner. Did MO put them like that for a reason? They aren't really sorted by date ...


I know that these three mods don't conflict with each other, but why did MO decide that the Perfect Assissn should get less priority than the other ones? If I install another armor mod, will MO automatically put it with the Perfect Assassin armor mod?


Should I fiddle with this, dragging the mods into priority by categories, and then install date?


Again, I'm probably overthinking. I'm just not sure how MO does its thing.



Thanks in advance very much for your thoughts on this and for dealing with my noobish problems.

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You may have the mod list sorted by name.

The easiest way to keep it clear is to click the priority column header so that zero is at the top. Whichever mod that occupies slot one will have the lowest priority. Any mod installed after will have a higher priority.

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