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Best Skyrim House Mods for Collectors

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I'm watch this topic very closely. Currently I'm using Sjel Blad Castle. It's too much for my needs in number of features (I don't use nothing from second floor). It's awesome, but a bit laggy for me.


But still not THE house mod. I'm compulsive to collect things and all the mannequins in Sjel Blad Castle is not enough. Specially when adding mods with more armors, like Konahrik's Accountrements.


It already suffers with wandering mannequins and auto-nudity and because of its design, if add more mannequins, the cell would probably not load at all.


I have a full set of every single armor, at least the ones worth to display, but the lack of a way to display the unique weapons are forcing me to store them all in a chest for now.


Let's check Druid's Den...

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Want a small beginner home with a lot of storage? (no mannequins/plaques just pre-labeled containers for your stuff)


Cobby Lodge

* Alchemy Lab
* Enchanting Table
* Smithing Wheel
* Tanning Rack
* Smithing Anvil
* Smithing Workbench
* Lots of Chests (all being well, they won't respawn so all your items should be fine).
* Cosy, warm Living Quarters.
* 2 Single Beds
* Plenty of Seating throughout the interior & exterior
as well as plenty more beautiful features for you to discover...



Posted Image

It's a lot more useful to me than the Provincial Courier Service building. :)


I edited the note for the new owner:


Posted Image

Edited by Kuldebar

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I was thinking... Is there a house mod FOR mods? I mean, a house designed with scripted display cases and mannequins to show specific items gathered through other mods adventures? Better! Each supported room could have its own theme. Take Oblivion Series, for example.
Without a theme, it would be a room prepared to display The Vindicator, the Ancient Staff, the Ring of the Lost... Weapons and equipments found throughout the second chapter "Morthal Pain".
With a theme, instead of a room it could be a portal to a small piece of Oblivion, with waterfalls of lava, blood rivers... It should have a nice work in balance tones and light to not blur the the items visibility, but would be nice though.

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Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but I found this quite useful. It looks like Druid's Den will be getting an update to v3.0 in the next few days - fully re-written by icecreamassassin, the same author as Legacy of the Dragonborn (Dragonborn Gallery).


I've always wondered about getting Legacy of the Dragonborn to work with STEP. (Calling all you pack authors! lol) Legacy of the Dragonborn seems like the ultimate collector's house museum. However, Druid's Den might be the next best thing.


There is also a thread in the Mods page linking to Lakeview Manor Evolution. This seems like a pretty neat house as well.


Does anyone else have any suggestions for great Skyrim houses, preferably ones that work with STEP (Extended)? It would be great to have some new input, considering it has been a year and a half since this thread came out.


There is a STEP pack that may be of interest: Player Homes, however at first glance this doesn't seem like what I, personally, am looking for. I figure a home should be fully HearthFire-compatible, nav-meshed, etc. with a ton of storage, and crafting stations don't hurt, either. Basically, I figure a modded player home should have at least as much functionality as the vanilla homes, not less.


Anyway, any new ideas / recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!


Edit: Oh, and to reply to the previous post (a little late!), Legacy of the Dragonborn was the exact mod that MagnusThorek was looking for.

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