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  1. And there are now even more ways to have TK Children compatibility with other mods: TK children patches by thordir: TK Inconsequential NPCs patch ETaC's is now included with the ETaC installer. USKP Patch for TKChildren by Kidhedera I'll never use XVision Redone again, while the results/variety of appearance was good, its compatibility and implementation was problematic because of the lack of modularity. A global edit on all Children NPC's causes all sorts of issues with other mods. TK Children doesn't do it that way.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJlN9jdQFSc
  3. No https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7iQbBbMAFE
  4. To get any follower to wear what you wish, just use EFF's Outfit menu command, there's a choice to choose "none" for Default Outfit. (Remove any gear that you gave them, so you don't lose it, to be safe before you select "none") Now they should be naked and will wear whatever you give them.
  5. @Garfink It was a tough call for me, but I had a slew of glitched defeats that really ruined the scenario for me. The problem was compounded, I'm sure, because I had a number of difficulty adjustment mods, so getting one-shotted happened more than it otherwise would. Even so, I think the mod author should have scaled back on some of the scenarios or added a few branched alternatives/black-lists to avoid the dungeon lock out, for instance.
  6. I use a mod for Marcurio and Immersive College of Winterhold which edit and in many ways correct the followers to wear the right gear and practice the appropriate combat, etc. If you don't rely on particular NPC mods, any follower manager mod worth its salt can change combat behavior and allow you to gear the NPC follower. Additionally such a mod would allow you to see their stats and skill levels. NPC's do benefit from better gear (there's a list somewhere of what enchants NPC's can get the use of), but you know the cloth wearers have some limitations regarding what's "best" for them. I use EFF (non beta) myself...makes life easier.
  7. But then you have custom scripts and custom AI packages...which can make it less drag and drop and more new masters and so forth. With NPC Overhaul I ran into this with Immersive College's AI Package's plus some changes by unofficial packages. It all comes down to how much you really want all the mods to work together and to what length you will strive to do that. For me the aesthetic gains weren't worth the hassle when two or more other mods were editing the same NPC record. -------------------------------------------------------------------- I went ahead and cloned my current profile and added Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul by Rops1981 into the cloned build. I did some editing to clean up some things, but was actually surprised at how few conflicts I ran into when I loaded my whole mod list up in TES5Edit. I was concerned mainly about anything that interfered with High Level Enemies, YASH and some particular NPC Mods. The conflicts were pretty trivial, all in all. I did remove all the college NPC edits so they wouldn't interfere with Immersive College of Winterhold. So, using my cloned current save game, I ran the game up with the LOOT order and a new Bash Patch. So far in Whiterun I am seeing the edits and nothings has appeared off or glitched (seams, tints, etc). NPC weights were not edited in this version of Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul so that eliminated the neck seam issues that can plague such mods when introduced into an existing game. So, I am very happy to have IoS-NPC's back in my game.
  8. I really like these moons, depending on the ENB. But they are solid and good quality. I switch them on occasion, Masser mostly for dramatic purposes. The Forsaken Masser from the 20 Moons - replacer pack by akindain is a favorite for amping up the foreboding.
  9. It's typical though. The same dynamic was evident when quite a significant number of people had blinking clock LED's on the VCR's for nearly two decades. You can give out the free tools, you can write guides and readme's, and you can setup a tech support; but people will usually just go with something out of the box and never look into any of the more advanced/user controlled functions. This influences design trends...the kind that annoy me...where optional features become default/hard set in order to circumvent expected operator error, ignorance or indifference.
  10. There's a reduced glow version...ENB's cause some variance.
  11. I was going to say that! I skirted around it with THAT ONE (or two) mod rant. :) I'd never say never, but generally, no. Oversized textures will slow you down or simply fail to load, but not really cause CTD's by themselves. In pre-Sheson days high textures contributed to the overall burden on the poor memory allocation since ENB was using system memory to "enhance" VRAM operations. But, that's largely a problem of the past if you use the memory patch. Also, by hi-res I hope you mean 2k, and a few 4k, just to clarify. I run a mix of 1k, 2k and some scatterings of 4k on my 1GB 6850. In the past when I tried to use a lot of primarily 2k/4k I got black player character faces and slow LOD popping...can't really tie any CTD's to texture usage in my experience.
  12. Rustic Windows Version 1.3 All windows have been replaced with cheese: Whiterun: Cheddar Solitude: Blue Cheese Windehelm: Blue Stilton High Hrothgar: Munster Riften: Schabziger Farmhouse: Velveeta
  13. So, a little glitchy but the problem cleared with AA toggle...ok cool! I was just going with the most likely cause first...before we started having to get nitty-gritty.
  14. If SSME/equivalent is properly configured and the ENBoost settings are configured to handle texture loads (all this assumes no bad RAM/or other hardware issues) ...the CTD is most assuredly Papyrus/mod related. In the past, before I nailed down some of the usual suspects, I had more or less logic defying CTD's on occasion. I have no problem children (ctd) mods anymore out of my 185...this will all likely change if I start building in more mods. Since everything is relative: when you start with 2 CTD's every 70 minutes to having none in 5 weeks (post Sheson) you start getting more sensitive to when the CTD's do start to occur...because they are abnormal and even more annoying than when we were quick saving every 3 minutes. I always find getting rid of THAT ONE mod usually does the trick. That mod might be popular, even award winning, but it might also be the straw, the golden straw that broke Skyrim's back, or at least gave it a slipped disk. Script load matters, it varies from PC to PC, but it matters. When the number is up, the crap hits the desktop. Some mods, while ingenious are just way to script; with a few notable exceptions, I tend to avoid them like the plague. As for textures and meshes: (assuming the mesh isn't bad which can cause CTD's) it's very unlikely to be the cause of the CTD, especially if you have ENBoost/SSME/Sheson configured and running on a machine with 8GB or more RAM.
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