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my character's body disappear!


i do not english well. so plz understand.
i use mo for oblivion. and i set screen effect using obmm and set setbody using mo.
then, i use spell of changebody, my character's body disappear.
and if i delete screen effect, this problem is solved. but i don't delete screen effect.
so how can i fix or solve it?
mo problem is
DEBUG (04:19:52.0291): findfirstfileex datasoundfxphygenericcollisionsearthlight*.wav: nothing found (2)
DEBUG (04:19:52.0291): findfirstfileex Datasoundfxphygenericcollisionsearthlightphy_earth_l_02.wav: nothing found (2)
DEBUG (04:19:54.0323): findfirstfileex DataMenusMainhud_subtitle_menu.xml: nothing found (2)
DEBUG (04:19:54.0323): findfirstfileex Datasoundfxitmitm_generic_up.wav: nothing found (2)

ERROR (04:19:54.0336): Windows Exception (c0000005). Last hooked call: int __stdcall WritePrivateProfileStringA_rep(const char *,const char *,const char *,const char *)
DEBUG (04:19:54.0337): hooks removed
ERROR (04:19:54.0402): Crash dump created as E:Mod Organizerhook.dll.dmp. Please send this file to the developer of MO
----------- LOG END -----------
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I think that is a permissions issue? Try running Mod Organizer as administrator.

i run as administrator.

but problem still exist. T.T

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