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Better Signage - Inns and Shops by Gamwich

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I've been using SkyFix - Unique Inn Signs HD by CovertKish and the SkyFix - HD Blacksmith Signs also by CovertKish.


It's interesting to compare the approach each mod author has taken on the same subject.

Yeah, the HD Blacksmith signs are nice, but imo the unique inn signs look too modern and do not really fit the game...
Indeed. I like what Better Signage does and I'm keeping it. Thank you.

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That's the wonderful thing about Mod Organizer...just plug and play for replacers. I'll try it out, see what it looks like in game.


Looking at the files, it appears Better Signage is more complete in what it covers.

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Ok, so I've tested this mod today. I compared 11 different signs with Bumpy Inn And Shop Signs - a mod that used to be in STEP - and in my opinion Bumpy Inn... has better wood and sign's pictogram texture, but the metal texture looks better in Better Signage mod. In general it would need more in depth testing and hand picking which is better. 


In pure STEP conext this would need to be tested with whatever is in STEP now (I'm not up to speed with the latest release, so I'm not sure what STEP uses now...)



Feel free to have a look at my compares for reference if you want, in this album (it's public). When you click on the first photo, have a look at this part of the URL:



Images A are Bumpy Inn And Shop Signs 

Images B are Better Signage

There is one image C (2C), which is SkyFix - HD Blacksmith Signs mod.




Note that this mod also does not cover Markarth (6 files).




After reassessing the mod I think it's actually better then Bumpy Inn And Shop Signs and I'm going to keep it in my mod set up.

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