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Fus Ro Knocks Down Enemies by seventonblade

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Fixes the 2nd level (Fus-Ro) of Unrelenting Force shout, so that it's stronger than level 1, but weaker than level 3 (full shout).


When I was first trying out the Unrelenting Force shout, I was no less surprised to see that there was little difference between Fus (Unrelenting Force lvl1) and Fus Ro (Unrelenting Force lvl2), and that there was a big gap of power between Fus Ro and Fus Ro Dah (Unrelenting Force lvl3). So I made this, which makes it so instead of just simply staggering NPCs like Fus would (plus 5 damage, which felt like basically the only difference between Fus and Fus Ro), it makes them fall over instead like with what Fus Ro Dah does. The only difference here is that the force applied to Fus Ro is only mild, so there's little movement or displacement with the shout, whereas, Fus Ro Dah would send NPCs flying.

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