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I stumbled across a post in the Mod Detectives thread where someone was asking if there was a mod that could help you get back to where you were in your previous game when you have to start fresh due to various mod issues. Of course this doesn't exist, but i wondered if it would be helpful to have an archive of clean saves that you could work with, not just from the start, but after guild quests and the like.


So, I spent tonight drinking and making clean saves after the Companions, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and College of Winterhold stories, all at level one.* My hope is that I can share these and have others help with making combo saves where say TG and College quests are done, or the Civil War on either side is done. I'm frankly tired of starting from scratch in every game I make, and I figured this might help someone else as well. 


So, I put together a series of saves, All with just SKSE and the three main Unofficial Patches for stability, and ran a level one character though the main Guilds using god mode, coc, kill command, and speedmult, trying to keep the character as low as possible. 


Even with some mods requiring some completely fresh starts, this may be helpful to some. I figure console commands can help one get their levels and skills back fairly easily.


Here's a link.


What are your thoughts? Good idea? Dumb Idea? Anyone interested or willing to help make combos?


(*the Thief Guild quest required I pick a few too many locks, so it's basically sitting ready to level to level two. Not a great loss, IMO.)

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Great, but honestly, a MCM Mod using Automated console commands, depending on the choice of the user is the only always sufficient way of dealing with this.

Good luck with your task though! :-)

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