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Opethfeldt ENB

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This is my ENB solution for now.


I tried some other popular ENBs (realvision, sharpshooter, k ENB, Phinix) and this is the one which gets the colors right for me. There is no oversaturation and this is not overly cinematic but it still preserves the fantasy feel of Skyrim. The real selling feature are the weathers. This ENB tweaked most weathers to be much more believable.

Just try it out, especially during different weathers. CoT or lighting mods other then Relighting Skyrim will mess up the colors though so make sure they are deactivated.




If you don't like the lens flare you can deactivate it in the enbseries.ini. Just set EnableLens=false and EnableSunGlare=false under [effects].

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